Commercial Ramadan Lighting Displays

decorative Ramadan lighting installation

Embrace the spirit of Ramadan and illuminate your community with Ramadan lights!

Field and Lawn is one of the UK’s largest and leading, carbon neutral providers of festive lights and cultural lighting. We offer a full range of services from surveys to design, supply and installation for a range of cultural and religious festivals across the UK.  

We can develop and deliver bespoke lighting displays or offer a range of high quality, commercial Ramadan lighting for hire. This includes cross street lighting, lamp post column motifs and ground mounted features. We work with Business Improvement Districts, Local Authorities, Charities and Community Groups to bring cultural lighting displays to life.   

Looking to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan?

Light up your community, town, city or shopping centre with bespoke Ramadan decorations. There are many benefits of decorating your town, local community or city center with stunning Ramadan lights and decorations. We are here to help and provide some design inspiration! 

Get inspired, Ramadan decorations:

Our team have the expertise and experience to create stunning lighting displays to suit most budgets and locations.  Our lighting can enhance your Ramadan celebrations.  Here are a just a few examples of the products available. Popular choices are lanterns, crescents, glittering moons and bespoke “Happy Ramadan” lettering.  Our range of products provide high daylight impact and decoration with foils as well as stunning night visual appeal.

This isn’t just about embracing a tradition; it’s also a smart strategy for boosting economic growth and supporting high streets. Here’s why:

Increased footfall: Ramadan lights and decorations create a captivating attraction that draws residents and visitors, More foot traffic means more potential customers for local businesses, boosting the high street and economy

Night Economy: Many Muslims break their fast after sunset during Ramadan. This is the perfect time as the sun has set for bespoke illuminations to light up the night sky!

Atmosphere: commercial cultural decorations generate a sense of excitement and will give a focal point for your Ramadan celebratons, making people more inclined to visit, or spend time in your town or city center.

Social media: Eye-catching Ramadan decorations are highly shareable on social media. Encourage visitors to take pictures and share their experiences online, effectively marketing your town or city center to a wider audience.

Tourist destination: High quality lighting displays will bring visitors from far and wide to experience the display.  

Showcasing Diversity: Embracing different cultural celebrations, like Ramadan, showcases your town or city center as a diverse and inclusive destination, which can attract a wider range of visitors.

Case Study: Ramadan Lighting in Leicester Square, London.

We delivered the “UK’s First” of its kind commercial ramadan lighting display, in collaboration with Ramadan Lights UK. The project was made possible with thanks to Algbra, The Aziz Foundation, Heart of London Business Alliance and private individuals who have supported a crowdfunding campaign.  

The project was made possible thanks to support from organisations such as Algbra, The Aziz Foundation, the Heart of London Business Alliance and many private individuals who have contributed.  The project resulted in a spectacular light display that lit up central London during the whole month of Ramadan (Wednesday 22 March to Friday 21 April 2023).

The Ramadan lights transformed Coventry Street between the iconic Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The lighting display was conceptualised by Aisha Desai, Founder of Ramadan Lights UK and was designed to capture the feeling of wonder, by depicting the night sky with illuminated moon and star symbols.

The design featured approximately 95m of lighting, including lantern symbols, a nod to shared cultural history. The tradition of illuminating streets with Ramadan lanterns is thought to date back to 16th century Egypt, but today is common practice across the Muslim world. In a drive to be more sustainable, the lights were made of energy-efficient LED light bulbs and fully recyclable aluminium frames. Aisha Desai, Founder of Ramadan Lights UK said:

“Having loved the festive lights as a child growing up in London, I founded Ramadan Lights to bring a bit of that magic to my community. It is a dream come true to see my vision transformed into this spectacular display in Central London. With thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey.”

The bespoke Ramadan lighting display during daylight hours

We can bring your vision to life

Contact us today to discuss your commercial, city centre Ramadan lighting display requirements.  Our team have the expertise and experience to create stunning lighting displays to suit most budgets and locations.  Our lighting can enhance your Ramadan celebrations.  

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