Click and Collect is Here to Stay

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers have relied on click-and-collect services with no other option during lockdowns. The service, although not a new concept, has been especially useful during the past year. Millions of people have been introduced to a new and convenient way of shopping, one which they may not be willing to give this up even after all the restrictions are lifted.

One of our long-term clients acknowledges that click-and-collect is here to stay, restrictions or not, as we were asked to provide a structure for this very purpose at their Birmingham store.

The structure was manufactured in a bespoke 15m x 18m size allowing them to maximise the space available on site. The double-skin inflated roof and 60mm sandwich panels provide high efficiency insulation, allowing the structure to be heated and cooled, whilst reducing condensation.

The structure was fitted with an electric roller shutter door and, to maintain the quick and efficient operational standards, a corresponding rapid-action door was also installed. Two pedestrian doors provide access for employees and customers around the perimeter of the structure.


The retail industry has seen massive change over the past decade and the last year has accelerated the growth of online shopping including click-and-collect. Retailers are having to adapt constantly to maintain sales as well as future-proof their operation to stay ahead of changing consumer behaviours. Our structures can provide the perfect solution as they are quick to manufacture and fast to build. They are also adaptable and relocatable, ensuring that they can be repurposed to meet the changing needs of your business.