Christmas lighting scheme installation update

town centre Christmas festoon lighting installation

Christmas light installation is full speed ahead!

As the holiday season approaches, our Christmas lighting specialists have been busy installing lighting displays, using sustainable LED lights, high impact Christmas decorations, and bespoke ground features. 

The objective is to create festive lighting schemes that attract people to visit and increase dwell time, creating “instagramable” designs and an enhancing Christmas atmosphere. Our team of in-house festive lighting experts are making great progress on a number of Christmas lighting schemes.  We are currently installing around 40 Christmas lighting schemes across the UK, with the number set to increase in the coming weeks.   Here is a quick update…

High street Christmas lights

Some of our largest high street and city centre lighting displays, such as Bond Street and Oxford Street in London are already well underway, with large cross street lighting elements installed.  Architectural lighting in Covent garden is progressing well. Projects for various Business Improvement Districts around the UK are moving forward at pace and the iconic, abstract neon Christmas tree in Kings cross is taking shape.

Lighting trails and Illuminated winter walks

Our Northern branch have completed the installation of a winter lighting trail in Sunderland.  The Festival of Light is a bespoke, seasonal outdoor lighting display which provides magical family fun  in Mowbray Park. Visitors will enjoy a glittering range of illuminated Christmas features

Corporate Christmas Lighting

This year we are bringing the festive magic to life for a number of commercial clients, installing high quality Christmas decorations in shopping centres here and in Europe.  Shopping centre Christmas lighting requires exceptional attention to detail and word class products.  

We work with leading suppliers to bring the most innovative, sustainable Christmas lighting products to market.  This year we are installing festive lighting at high profile, corporate and shopping centre sites such as Telford Plaza and the Red Lion Yard in Colchester.

Corporate christmas lighting strategy

Our approach to corporate Christmas lighting involves a combination of bespoke lighting and commercial grade trees and features. Tailoring each installation to suit the corporate setting, such as illuminating outdoor trees with corporate colours and creating custom designs that will get people the festive spirit.

Our efforts to illuminate the holiday season with carefully planned Christmas lighting schemes are well underway. This project involves the strategic deployment of Christmas lights, outdoor lighting, and related installations in various settings, encompassing high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

Christmas lighting installation & expert lighting design

The planning phase involves a meticulous assessment of the layout and design elements for the lighting scheme. We strive to strike a balance between traditional Christmas lighting and modern lighting design, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing display. The implementation includes the arrangement of lights on trees, wreaths, garlands, and other structures, aiming for an inviting and festive atmosphere.

Maintenance and Removal

Every festive lighting scheme installation is designed to maximise efficiency.  Once installed, our displays are low maintenance and highly reliable.  This is beacuse testing and checks are built into every scheme.  We offer nightly checks and maintain the lighting setups throughout the holiday season. Additionally, our team efficiently manages the removal and storage process.

Continued updates on our progress in Christmas lighting scheme installations will be available on our social media channels. Our aim is to spread the holiday spirit through thoughtfully designed lighting installations, embodying the warmth and cheer of this festive season.

Field and Lawn are industry leaders when it comes to designing, supplying and installing festive lighting.  We offer supply, hire and installation of commercial christmas lighting and can help you bring your Christmas lighting scheme to life.

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