Christmas is Just Around the Corner

It may be nearing the end of August but here at Field & Lawn we are heeding the words of the great Barry Manilow: ‘Christmas is just around the corner’.

Every scheme is being thoroughly tested, serviced and (if needed) repaired prior to its installation. Over the next two months, before we begin to hang the decorations, all the eyebolts and fixing plates that we attach them to, around numerous towns and cities, will have be checked and pull-tested.

New lighting schemes for 2021 have already begun arriving as we receive tonnes of new products and often fully bespoke lighting features. Christmas always comes early for our warehouse teams who are first to open our new presents to start checking and organising them.

Our winter schedule spreadsheet is already fully populated, and our 20 teams allocated their work. Everything is planned to run like clockwork to be as efficient as possible. All our lights are supplied with the latest LED technology giving the brightest, most energy-efficient lighting solutions available in the country.

If you do have any festive lighting requirements, please feel free to give one of our offices a call, it’s never too early to talk about Christmas.