How to Choose the right temporary building for you

inside a large temporary warehouse building

Let us help you choose the right temporary building

Looking for a temporary building that suits your business needs can be challenging, but with so many options available, it’s often difficult to find the right solution, or even know where to start!  Our latest blog explores the various types of industrial temporary buildings, so you can easily find one that fits your requirements.    


Temporary buildings are almost infinitely customisable due to their modular construction.  You can create a temporary building that suits your exact requirements.  They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length.  These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across. 

Durable PVC walling

An industrial storage tent with PVC walling

A single skin PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) walled structure is a flexible and adaptable option that is perfect for urgent circumstances such as pallet storage and protection. Furthermore, these structures can also be used for longer-term covered walkways and link corridors between existing structures. This is a quick and cost-effective solution to your storage challenges. While weatherproof, PVC will not offer a fully watertight solution, and access options are slightly more limited. 

Single Skin Steel Cladding

A steel sided industrial temporary building structure

Steel clad temporary buildings are often referred to as “steel buildings” are a popular choice for industrial buildings and agricultural storage. The clear-span structure allows for widths of up to 40m, making it ideal for all types of industrial applications, from machinery and plant storage to milking parlours, workshops, and barns. The profiled finish provides enhanced safety, security and durability.  

Insulated Sandwich Panels

A large temporary building with insulated walls

This type of temporary building construction offers a premium, highly insulated, and aesthetic finish that is typically used to create insulated buildings for commercial, retail, and ambient storage. Due to the levels of insulation, this type of building can be partitioned for welfare facilities. Insulated panels provide the most choice for additional bespoke elements such as glazing, roller shutter doors, bespoke colours, and a wide range of HVAC options. If you select an insulated building, there are a wide range of colour options available.

Glass Façades

A large temporary building outdoors with glass frontage

A glass facade can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building, giving it a modern and contemporary look. It provides additional natural light, creating a more comfortable and pleasant environment. Finally, it can also help increase energy efficiency, as the glass can provide insulation and solar gain, potentially reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating. 


We also offer various roofing solutions, and all are compatible with all building walling options and designed to slide through the roof beams to create a water-tight seal. Here are the three main options: 

Single Skin PVC Roof

A single skin PVC roof will provide adequate weather protection and is a good option for storing less temperature-sensitive goods or equipment. The PVC is fully tensioned and engineered to comply with wind and snow loading requirements and calculations. It is an affordable, quick, and safe solution. Depending on the time of year the structure is in use, and how long it will be in place for, it may benefit from an anti-condensation lining. 

Inflatable Roof

An inflatable roof combines two layers of PVC fabric with a wall-mounted compressor system, providing an insulated air pocket between the two PVC layers. The inflated PVC system improves thermal performance and reduces condensation. This roofing option is usually a good choice to create temporary buildings used for ambient or temperature sensitive storage.  

Insulated Lined Roof

If you are looking to specify a fully insulated building, an insulated lined roof offers an additional layer that is installed under the PVC roof, providing a higher level of thermal performance for the structure.  This creates a comfortable working environment. 

The many benefits of temporary buildings

One of the key benefits of temporary buildings is that you can combine different walling and roofing options to suit your budget, use, and location. They can be specified to your exact requirements, in a variety of colours, and linked to existing buildings. A range of doors, rainwater guttering, lighting, security systems, electrical services, and much more can be provided to complete your new building. 

Temporary structures and planning permission

When it comes to temporary buildings, planning permission is not always required, depending on a range of factors.  You can find out more about planning permission for temporary buildings here. 

Like a permanent building, temporary buildings must comply with health, safety, planning and building regulations.  Field and Lawn can help you through this process, providing expert guidance on your local authority planning application, if required.  Find out more about planning permission for temporary buildings here.

Need more help on how to Choose the right temporary building?

Our temporary building configurator gives you the chance to design and specify your new temporary structure.  One of the benefits of choosing a modular temporary building for your on-site storage requirements, is the ability to customise and create a completely bespoke solution.  That’s without spending a fortune on expensive architects, consultants, engineers and designers!  So why not be the Architect of your next project!

Temporary building solutions, in use:

If you are looking for examples of how a modular building solution can be used, we have a number of project case studies.  These demonstrate how they can be used as a temporary warehouse, storage space, including sensitive storage, temporary accommodation and even construction site storage.   

Field and lawn have an excellent track record of building temporary structures and we understand that buying a temporary building is a considerable investment. If you would like to get a more hands on look at one of our completed temporary structures, we would be happy to arrange a site visit to a local project. Contact us today to request a local site visit: