Candy Canes in Kingston

For five years, Field and Lawn supplied the Christmas lights in Kingston.

For five years, Field and Lawn supplied the Christmas lights in Kingston.

This service included installing, removing, and servicing the lights and coordinating the town centre’s annual switch-on organised by the town’s BID.

With the contract coming to an end, Field and Lawn was asked to tender again for the job. Even though we know the town and have an excellent relationship with the client, it was not a task we took for granted, and we pulled out all the stops. And we’re delighted to say; we won the contract.

In the five years since we first won the contract, the options for Christmas lighting have changed dramatically. We knew the client was looking for more interactive features in their Christmas lighting scheme to complement their existing celebrations.

We suggested using ground features.

An interactive option that gives a striking focal point and fills any space with colour and warmth, ground features also create a real buzz on social media platforms as people share their selfies with friends and followers.

For the rest of the scheme, we extended the theme of the candy cane circles on the walk-through hat throughout the town. The colour choice of warm white LEDs complemented rather than overwhelmed the already powerful statements of the ground features.


We were absolutely delighted with the client, Kingston First’s response:

“The impact in terms of quality of installations and response was very well received, and there was a huge response on social media, with many people taking and sharing photos next to the installations, as well as sharing and liking our content. They were an exciting and magical addition to the town centre at a time when many shops and businesses were closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.”

For your complete Christmas lighting service, please contact your local Field and Lawn branch to see what we can offer your town or city.