Art of London unveils bold new banner flags: Placemaking and city dressing

Banner flags in the background

artistic banner flags installed

London’s iconic Piccadilly Circus has been transformed by of a collection of bold geometric, large scale outdoor banner flags.  Created by London-based artist Rana Begum in collaboration with Art of London and the Royal Academy of Arts. The display marks the start of the Art of London’s exciting outdoor event Summer Season, titled “The Art of Entertainment.”

Field and Lawn, supported the team with expert installation.  The flags feature tiled mosaic patterns that bring a sense of movement and energy to the streets of the West End. Rana Begum’s designs aim to capture the theme of “Art of Entertainment”. The flags will hang high above Piccadilly until the end of August.

The flags play a crucial role in placemaking and city dressing. Placemaking involves transforming public spaces into vibrant, engaging, and inclusive areas that reflect the identity and character of the community.  Banners, flags, and bunting can be a colourful and cost-effective way of promoting your brand or event or enhancing the local area.

Artist Rana Begum with the banner flags

Field and lawn banner flag installation

Field and Lawn are experts in city dressing.  We can supply and install a range of different sized banners or custom flags in PVC, fabric, and mesh materials. These can be erected as cross street displays, on lamp columns or attached to building façades. We can assist with your planning, permits and advertising consents, as well as take care of all infrastructure requirements from installation through to removal.

By incorporating public art installations like the flags in Piccadilly, Art of London aims to create a sense of place that delivers community engagement, cultural expression and enhanced footfall and dwell time in the city. 

Artistic Flags

Art of London’s commitment to showcasing art in every form is exemplified by their Gallery Without Walls project. This initiative transforms the West End into a hub of creative expression, seamlessly integrating art into various facets of urban life, including institutions, theatres, retail spaces, and even the streets themselves. The flags in Piccadilly are a testament to the power of art in transforming public spaces into dynamic and visually stimulating environments.

Moreover, the flag installation aligns with London’s Art After Dark program, which promotes evening access to art institutions and independent galleries. This program allows art enthusiasts to explore exhibitions beyond regular opening hours, creating opportunities for a broader audience to engage with art and culture.They give a platform for artists to showcase work and deliver an instant press and publicity opportunity.  The benefits of art installations like this is long term, providing a long-lasting social media opportunity.

Field and Lawn can support with complex outdoor art installation.

The response to Rana Begum’s flags has been overwhelmingly positive, with Jo Prosser, a director at the Royal Academy of Arts, praising the installation as a fantastic welcome to the West End. By infusing the cityscape with art, these flags not only enhance the visual appeal of Piccadilly Circus but also contribute to a vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere.

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are one of the leading placemaking and city dressing providers in the UK.  With four regional branches across, we provide a nationwide service.  Our experienced team can assist in a wide range of placemaking projects. In addition to the artistic flags, we have recently installed Coronation flags and Pride flags in key locations. Beyond placemaking, we also provide festive lighting services, event marquees and temporary buildings.