Inside Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Buildings
fast on-site storage solutions

In the world of storage solutions, temporary warehouse buildings stand out as fast and flexible structures.  They offer a wide range of high quality on-site space solutions for a variety of warehousing needs. From temporary warehouses that give you extra capacity, through to warehouse loading bays, they provide cost-effective solutions for warehouse, freight and logistic companies.

As we look ahead to the busy festive period, the freight, distribution and logistics sector will see peaks in storage and space requirements in quarter four and beyond.  In our latest blog, we will take you inside temporary warehouse, giving you the chance to see first hand how durable and high quality they are and how they can support your business.  Including the array of bespoke options that can customise your warehouse.

High quality, flexible structures. installed in days.

An elevated view of temporary warehouse buildings in insulated cladding

Temporary structures, often referred to as temporary storage buildings or temporary warehouse buildings, offer a range of benefits that simply can’t be achieved with a traditional building.  Temporary structures, despite the name, are built to last.  Using strong, industrial grade materials, they are precisely manufactured off-site and engineered precise wind and weather loading calculations, based on the location of the structure.  

They are modular structures, which means we can install the temporary building in standard components in a matter of days, without disruption or downtime on your site.   So, if you need a temporary storage building, you can have the extra capacity in place within weeks, rather than months, or even years, compared to selecting a traditional “permanent” structure.  You don’t need to compromise on quality…

Inside a warehouse structure

When people think of a temporary warehouse solution, or prefabricated warehouse structure, they may be perceived as short term structures.  That is not the case with a Field and Lawn Structure.  Production technology has advanced and the quality standards that are achievable through our advanced manufacturing techniques is exceptional. 

Complete flexibility with temporary warehouse structures

Temporary warehouse buildings,  offer the agility to adapt to changing storage and space needs. Their versatility means they can support peaks in demand, providing short-term storage solutions, as they can be rented and returned.  They’re equally equipped to function seamlessly for extended periods, with a lifespan in excess of 20 years. They can be specified to very high quality standards, with fully insulated options, a range of door and access solutions and full heating, cooling and lighting packages available.

Types of temporary storage structures

Temporary Storage Buildings

These structures, sometimes referred to as storage buildings, provide the ideal solution when additional space is needed urgently. Whether it’s for seasonal goods, stock or accommodating specific projects, temporary storage buildings have got you covered.  They can include a variety of access options and doors, from pedestrian doors to large roller shutter doors, suitable for forklifts, vehicles and plant.

Temporary warehouse buildings with large access doors

insulated temporary Buildings

Insulated temporary buildings provide high quality temperature regulation, crucial for industries dealing with sensitive goods or materials, even chilled or frozen goods.  Due to high levels of insulation they are comfortable for staff and energy efficient.  Insulation can be within the cladding, typically between 60mm – 120mm and within the roof.  Roof insulation is typically achieved by inflating the roof to provide the insulation pocket.  Insulated temporary buildings maintain a controlled environment, protecting your stock from adverse weather conditions.

Industrial Warehouses and steel structuires 

If you need a temporary storage solution, an industrial warehouse with steel cladding is a cost effective way to meet immediate storage needs for many industrial uses. When durability and longevity are paramount, steel-sided temporary warehouse buildings offer a robust solution. They ensure the safety and security of your stored goods, making them a preferred choice for many warehouse and storage companies.  

Expand your storage space with a temporary warehouse

So, what can you use a temporary warehouse building for? Temporary warehouse buildings accommodate a wide range of goods, from raw materials to finished products, offering a versatile solution for various industries.  Our insulated structures even provide the space for chilled storage due to their exceptional thermal performance. 

Sometimes, especially at peak periods or after securing additional contracts, existing storage space is at capacity. Temporary warehouse buildings provide that much-needed additional space to store excess inventory or handle sudden upticks in production, very quikcly.  We can install a storage building in days!  As a cost-effective alternative to permanent structures, these solutions provide essential storage without the complexities of planning permission or long-term commitments.

Welcome to the future of storage

Temporary warehouse buildings enable your business to get extra space quickly.  Our storage solutions offer a blend of flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability. As businesses evolve and storage needs shift, these structures ensure you’re well-prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Explore the world of temporary warehouse buildings and unlock the potential for a more flexible and efficient storage strategy! 

Design your new warehouse building online

When you choose us for your temporary building, we include design drawings and structural calculations as standard.  Temporary warehouse buildings are only limited by how much space you have! Building widths (or spans) are generally 10m, 15m and 20m.  A range of eave heights can be achieved by using different leg heights. Length is increased in 5m bay increments. 

Use our free interactive building configurator to design your building and start your warehouse quote…

Commercial Ramadan Lighting Displays

Embrace the spirit of Ramadan and illuminate your community with Ramadan lights!

Field and Lawn is one of the UK’s largest and leading, carbon neutral providers of festive lights and cultural lighting. We offer a full range of services from surveys to design, supply and installation for a range of cultural and religious festivals across the UK.  

We can develop and deliver bespoke lighting displays or offer a range of high quality, commercial Ramadan lighting for hire. This includes cross street lighting, lamp post column motifs and ground mounted features. We work with Business Improvement Districts, Local Authorities, Charities and Community Groups to bring cultural lighting displays to life.   

Looking to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan?

Light up your community, town, city or shopping centre with bespoke Ramadan decorations. There are many benefits of decorating your town, local community or city center with stunning Ramadan lights and decorations. We are here to help and provide some design inspiration! 

Get inspired, Ramadan decorations:

Our team have the expertise and experience to create stunning lighting displays to suit most budgets and locations.  Our lighting can enhance your Ramadan celebrations.  Here are a just a few examples of the products available. Popular choices are lanterns, crescents, glittering moons and bespoke “Happy Ramadan” lettering.  Our range of products provide high daylight impact and decoration with foils as well as stunning night visual appeal.

This isn’t just about embracing a tradition; it’s also a smart strategy for boosting economic growth and supporting high streets. Here’s why:

Increased footfall: Ramadan lights and decorations create a captivating attraction that draws residents and visitors, More foot traffic means more potential customers for local businesses, boosting the high street and economy

Night Economy: Many Muslims break their fast after sunset during Ramadan. This is the perfect time as the sun has set for bespoke illuminations to light up the night sky!

Atmosphere: commercial cultural decorations generate a sense of excitement and will give a focal point for your Ramadan celebratons, making people more inclined to visit, or spend time in your town or city center.

Social media: Eye-catching Ramadan decorations are highly shareable on social media. Encourage visitors to take pictures and share their experiences online, effectively marketing your town or city center to a wider audience.

Tourist destination: High quality lighting displays will bring visitors from far and wide to experience the display.  

Showcasing Diversity: Embracing different cultural celebrations, like Ramadan, showcases your town or city center as a diverse and inclusive destination, which can attract a wider range of visitors.

Case Study: Ramadan Lighting in Leicester Square, London.

We delivered the “UK’s First” of its kind commercial ramadan lighting display, in collaboration with Ramadan Lights UK. The project was made possible with thanks to Algbra, The Aziz Foundation, Heart of London Business Alliance and private individuals who have supported a crowdfunding campaign.  

The project was made possible thanks to support from organisations such as Algbra, The Aziz Foundation, the Heart of London Business Alliance and many private individuals who have contributed.  The project resulted in a spectacular light display that lit up central London during the whole month of Ramadan (Wednesday 22 March to Friday 21 April 2023).

The Ramadan lights transformed Coventry Street between the iconic Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The lighting display was conceptualised by Aisha Desai, Founder of Ramadan Lights UK and was designed to capture the feeling of wonder, by depicting the night sky with illuminated moon and star symbols.

The design featured approximately 95m of lighting, including lantern symbols, a nod to shared cultural history. The tradition of illuminating streets with Ramadan lanterns is thought to date back to 16th century Egypt, but today is common practice across the Muslim world. In a drive to be more sustainable, the lights were made of energy-efficient LED light bulbs and fully recyclable aluminium frames. Aisha Desai, Founder of Ramadan Lights UK said:

“Having loved the festive lights as a child growing up in London, I founded Ramadan Lights to bring a bit of that magic to my community. It is a dream come true to see my vision transformed into this spectacular display in Central London. With thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey.”

The bespoke Ramadan lighting display during daylight hours

We can bring your vision to life

Contact us today to discuss your commercial, city centre Ramadan lighting display requirements.  Our team have the expertise and experience to create stunning lighting displays to suit most budgets and locations.  Our lighting can enhance your Ramadan celebrations.  

Watch the video here!

Where Can I Build a Temporary Building?

Find out where you can build a temporary building.

Installation without the inconvenience of building work

Our temporary buildings are manufactured off-site using state of the art processes and the latest manufacturing technology to ensure absolute quality and durability.  This means the approach is more installation than “building” or “construction.” 

Temporary buildings can be installed in a matter of days, without the disruption, inconvenience and cost associated with a traditional building project.  If you have land, we can install the covered space you need on most surfaces and ground types. 

So, where can I install a temporary building?

Temporary buildings use a robust yet lightweight aluminium frame that is usually anchored into the ground. The most common surfaces we install on are tarmac, paving, or an existing concrete base. 

Our temporary structures are engineered to site-specific wind and weather loadings.  This means that even in the most exposed areas, such as seaports, docks and costal locations, expensive and time consuming foundations are not required to secure the structure to comply with building regulations. Whereas, complex foundations would be needed if a traditional building or permanent structure was selected.

In terms of space, we typically need a few metres around the perimeter of the building for access. Temporary buildings can have a small footprint to optimise the space available on your site. 

What base do I need for a temporary building?

A winter storage building for warehousing

The base for a modular building can have a big impact on the bottom line cost to both the project’s budget and overall sustainability.  In principle, we can install a temporary structure on almost any surface without having to install foundations. Pins are used for new or existing concrete. Ground spikes are suitable surfaces such as gravel, tarmac, and paving. High performance resin is used to complete the anchor. 

The optimal base for a temporary building, is a flat surface, concrete pad with level access. However, a solution can be found to install a temporary building in most places.  We can even work around sloping sites and existing obstacles. A temporary structure can also be integrated into an existing permanent building.

The above temporary warehouse example was installed on paving slabs which are a great base for a temporary building. 

If you have an unused tarmacked, or asphalted area available, then in many cases the right place for your temporary building has already been found. Anchoring is only not possible on topsoil, due to the lack of compaction as anchoring on topsoil cannot withstand the tensile forces required.  Our temporary building experts can always engineer a solution to work with your site surface. 

Quality and durability

Temporary buildings are built to last in excess of 20 years. Despite the term ‘temporary’, our buildings have a long life span.  Although they are labelled as short-term, they are solid and long-lasting.  Choosing to have a temporary building means that you can have the extra space in place within a matter weeks, compared to months if not years if it were a permanent building, subject to local authority planning.

Planning permission

Will your budling need planning approval? in most cases, you will need planning approval to install a temporary building.  There are a number of exemptions and we can support with the planning application should it be required for your structure. 


Our temporary buildings can be purchased outright or rented over terms that suit your company. They are highly durable, so it may make commercial sense to purchase if your requirements are long term.  You will then own the building and it can be easily re-located to another site if your needs change or your business moves premises. 

We understand that business requirements can change, so we have flexible options to suit your needs. Our manufacturing lead times vary but we keep a range of stock available for immediate and urgent needs.

If you need an immediate solution for extra warehouse space or on-site capacity, then hiring a structure is a flexible way to increase your capacity, without significant upfront expenditure. 

Explore our temporary building solutions

We provide a wide range of temporary buildings from warehouse and storage buildings, industrial buildings and insulated buildings to canopies, loading bays and shelters. 

Design your building, instantly

When you choose us for your temporary building, we include design drawings and structural calculations as standard.  Use our free interactive building configurator to design your building and start you free quote:


Marquee Hire for Schools

Short and long-term marquee hire for schools

Field and Lawn provide national marquee hire for short-term and long-term temporary school accommodation. With four regional branches and over 800,000 sq. ft. of high quality marquee space available, we can rapidly deploy to provide high quality temporary space.

We have a range of clearspan marquees which provide open plan learning space.  These structures can be specified with flooring, heating, lighting, glazing and windows to provide a safe and comfortable environment. 

Rapid deployment

Short and long-term solutions

Quality heated structures

Marquee sizes and specification

Our marquee sizes range from small marquees with widths of 3m, 6m and 9m to medium and larger structures with widths of 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, up to 25m.  Lengths can be extended in 3m, and 5m bays so you can customise the marquee to your requirements and school site.   

Project gallery

Short-term marquee hire

If your school requires additional space at short notice, our marquee hire may be the perfect solution. Our marquees can be deployed rapidly, within days and installed quickly, depending on the size.  We offer marquee structures that can serve as temporary classrooms, canteen areas, dining halls, and examination halls. Here’s what you can expect from our short-term marquee hire:

Versatility: Our marquees can be installed on various surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, gravel, or grass.

Customisation: Marquees can be free-standing or connected to existing buildings, providing the extra space where you need it.

Comfort: We offer a range of flooring options, lighting, and heating to create a comfortable learning environment for pupils.

Safety and security: Field and Lawn have robust processes in place to deliver exemplary levels of health, safety and environmental performance.  We are Constructionline Gold accredited and have an approved ISO accreditation:


Extremely effective heating

All our marquees can be supplied with complete heating systems.  This will provide a consistent, warm temperature throughout the structure.  The system is subtle and may be thermostatically controlled.  

Flooring, lighting and installation

We understand the importance of cleanliness in school environments. Our marquee floors come with various flooring options, including industrial-grade carpets and non-slip vinyl flooring, which are easy to clean and maintain.

Our marquee structures are equipped with lighting options, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit space, even during the winter months.

We can install your marquee on practically any ground surface, we use a range of anchoring systems to from traditional pins through to complex cantilevered solutions.  We provide all the relevant risk and method statements and loading calculations so you don’t have to!

Wide range of space solutions

Field and Lawn offers a wide range of marquee sizes to accommodate your specific space requirements. Whether you have awkward spaces, need changing facilities, a fully functioning gym or sports hall, we can provide the ideal solution. 


Long-term solutions 

In addition to marquees, we can provide a robust, fully insulated temporary structure.  A temporary building is a hardwearing, long-lasting, highly durable structure. Temporary, refers to the fact that they are de-mountable, modular,  buildings that provide the ultimate in durability and flexibility. It’s a common misconception that temporary buildings are not built to stand the test of time. With the right care, temporary buildings have a life span of 20 years or more. 

Contact Us Today

Field and Lawn is your ideal partner when it comes to marquee hire for schools and corporate events. We have the experience, expertise, quality standards and policies  to provide the perfect marquee solution.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and ensure your staff and pupils have the space they deserve while maintaining the highest safety standards.


Industrial Canopies: How to Prevent Damaged Stock This Winter

Improve your loading and unloading operations with a high performing, weatherproof canopy.

Every year, damaged stock costs UK businesses millions. Be that through breakages in transit or damage during the unloading process. Water ingress and moisture damage to stock is one of the leading types of damage.  It can be easily prevented by investing in the right shelter or industrial canopy to cover loading bays and dispatch areas.

 Features and benefits

  • Integrate into existing buildings
  • Customise to your site
  • Protection from all weathers
  • Durable and high quality
  • Minimal disruption
Industrial steel sided canopy structure

We specialise in temporary building solutions,  industrial canopies, and shelters.  We have seen first hand how they can completely protect your stock from damage all year, no matter the weather. When winter is around the corner, there is no better time to get the protection and shelter ahead of the winter months.

Types of canopies and shelters

Our most popular solution is a steel sided, open-ended canopy with a robust PVC roof.  These canopies are made to measure to cover one, or several loading docks.  The size can be completely bespoke to accommodate most vehicle sizes and heights.  These canopies integrate into existing buildings and include guttering systems for enhanced weather performance.

Covered storage solutions and Commercial canopies

Our industrial canopy shelters deliver a seamless loading bay area outside your warehouse or distribution centre.  They can be specified to create a complete, enclosed, weatherproof solution with roller shutter doors or electrically operated doors. 

Alternatively, we can provide a standalone, open sided canopy, giving high levels of access from either side, capable of accommodating multiple vehicles at various stages of loading and unloading.

Our canopies can provide solutions beyond loading and unloading.  We can create covered lay down areas for palletised goods. When warehouse space is close to capacity, they can provide additional on-site, secure storage, weather protection and shelter. 

Loading bay canopies and bespoke lighting options

All round weather protection and increased performance are why businesses invest in industrial canopies. As the evenings draw darker, lighting can play a vital role in securing the safety of the workforce while handling goods materials.  Rushing in the rain, around poorly lit vehicles can also lead to an increase in mishandling, in turn risking more damage to your stock. 

Notably, during the hot summer months, a canopy will also provide shade and sun protection.  This will provide a safer and more comfortable working environment. 

If you have uncovered, outdoor space, get it protected with our robust and durable canopy structures and create the ideal covered area for unloading vehicles, laying down stock and pallets or any other storage requirement. 

Talk to the temporary building experts today

We have a track record in providing a full turnkey solution to businesses nationwide.  Our expertise lies in delivering, optimum, well-engineered shelters, industrial building solutions and insulated buildings.  Our team are here to help and it all starts with a free, no obligation quote.  Tell us what you need and we will get you covered.

Loading bay canopy case study

We recently delivered three industrial canopies for Oak Furnitureland, providing a combined covered space of over 1,300m2.  Find out more about the project and read the case study here.


A building revolution: Temporary Building Solutions For Schools

Find out how a temporary building can quickly provide extra space and capacity at your school, college or university.

During the summer holidays, many schools, colleges and universities will use the extended break to undertake essential repairs and maintenance across their sites as well as undertaking significant capital projects like classroom extensions and building upgrades.  As the new school year rapidly approaches, we know all too well that the race to get projects finished in time is on.  Where there is a risk of projects running over, beyond the summer holidays, temporary building solutions for schools can be the answer.

Temporary buildings can help deliver additional space quickly for a range of short and long-term requirements.  We have seen temporary structures used most commonly as gyms, temporary classroom facilities and examination halls.  However, more recently our flexible temporary buildings have been used to create a high quality school dining hall facility for a secondary school in Bedfordshire. 

Case Study: Temporary dining hall for schools

An open plan flexible dining hall facility

A secondary school approached us with a time-critical need to increase dining hall space and capacity on their school campus.  They needed a seamless, well-designed, and cost effective dining space that would provide a warm space for students to eat and relax and enjoy school meals throughout the academic year.  Field and Lawn provided a 10m x 20m temporary school canteen complete with secure glazed doors, lighting, heating and cooling and access ramps. 

“Temporary” only by name

While they may be called “temporary” our temporary buildings are robust and highly durable structures that comply with all UK building regulations.  They are designed to be in place for in excess of 20 years and are re-locatable.  This proves to be a great option for multi academy trusts, that wish to deploy space quickly, where needed to create high quality additional space. 

A temporary school building can be specified to high standards of thermal performance and include everything you would expect from a traditional building such as heating, lighting, security and more. 

Our insulated temporary buildings combine an innovative blend of thermal insulation, robust construction, and patented technology, making them ideal solutions for industries where building performance matters. 

A complete modular building solution

Temporary buildings have been revolutionising the construction industry,  and we have seen first hand how they can help schools approach and solve capacity and space problems.  

Speed of Installation: A modular dining hall can be installed in as little as 5 days!

Cost Efficiency: Modular temporary buildings are in the region of 70% cheaper than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

Reduced On-Site Risk: Temporary buildings are manufactured off site, reducing the risks associated with long-term construction projects on education campuses.

Minimal Disruption: Fewer contractors on-site means minimal disruption around the school site. Lower noise pollution, less mess and far fewer vehicle movements adds to the benefits of temporary buildings.

Lower Up-Front Costs: Unlike traditional building projects, modular builds required lower upfront investment.  A temporary school building can be hired for short term requirements.

Temporary or Semi-Permanent: The versatility of modular temporary buildings means it can adapt to your school’s needs, whether for temporary or semi-permanent use.  They are easily extended if you require additional space.

Get the extra space you need

A prefabricated modular cafeteria, dining room or temporary kitchen will provide your school, college or university, students, and staff with a comfortable, safe environment quickly. Rapid construction, minimal disruption, and reduced risk means you’ll have less hassle getting your new facility up and running compared to opting for a permanent building. 

Flexibility of design offers you the opportunity to get a dining facility that fits your exact requirements to include areas such as kitchens, seating, food preparation, serving and cleaning areas.  Just like a traditional building, our temporary buildings can be partitioned to create the space you need, designed for your bespoke requirements. 

Flexible, temporary spaces for schools

Temporary buildings are a flexible solution that can provide additional on-site temporary space quickly.  Beyond dining halls they have a range of uses for education including classrooms, gyms, sports halls and equipment stores.  Our temporary buildings are designed with student and staff comfort at the heart and are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations.

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are expert, national temporary building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions in the education sector.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will work for your school.  

Design your Temporary building for free!

Start your building now with our free online design tool.  

The Power of Insulated Temporary Buildings: Energy-Efficient Industrial Solutions

Insulated temporary buildings

Enhanced building performance is a key driver for any business. Even though energy costs have started to fall, they remain unpredictable as we head into winter.  In this article, we cover how a temporary building can perform through winter and beyond, providing a safe, cost efficient and quick solution for extra on-site capacity. 

About temporary buildings

While they are classed as “temporary”, these buildings are only temporary by name. They are robust, industrial strength structures that can stand the test of time. They can be in place for over 20 years and can be installed on virtually any ground surface.  Most commonly, they are used for storage buildings, warehouse buildings, welfare facilities, workshops and valeting bays. 

An insulated temporary building provides everything you would expect from a traditional “permanent building”, without the time and cost constraints of traditional construction.  They are modular buildings, which means they can be installed in a matter of days, at short notice, without disruption on your site. They can be:

Fully or partially insulated delivering U-Values as low as: 0.18 W/m²K  

Temperature controlled or refrigerated  

Custom designed to your exact requirements 

Rented over shorter periods to manage peak


Installed on-site in a matter of days


Built to last in excess of 20+ years


Completely bespoke and customiseable

Our insulated temporary buildings

As standard, we use a BALEXTHERM insulated wall panel, with 60mm insulated PIR foam. This provides Thermal a insulation of U [W/m2K] – 0.36. Different core thicknesses (80, 100, 120 mm) can be supplied depending on your requirements. However, 60mm is the most common option and provides a good balance between cost and insulation performance. 

Our insulated temporary buildings combine an innovative blend of thermal insulation, robust construction, and patented technology, making them ideal solutions for industries where building performance matters. 

Insulated thermo roof.

In addition to insulated wall panels, thermal performance can be further improved by different roofing solutions. A popular option uses a 3-layer thermally efficient insulation lining that has been patented by our manufacturing partner, Protan Elmark. It features a specialist aluminium layer that traps heat inside the building. An additional fastening system is used to cover the visible frames in the roof area. This prevents the formation of thermal bridges, improving thermal performance. 

Click and collect temporary building

Inflatable roof

Another option is an inflatable roof, which combines two layers of robust PVC fabric with a wall mounted compressor system.  The quiet and efficient system re-cycles the air from outside and inflates the roof.  The fans capacity is 620m3/h.  This forms an insulated air pocket between the two PVC layers.  The pressure range of the air pocket can range between 0.1-0.5 mPa.  The adopted pressure standard is 0.15 MPa, that’s equivalent to approximately 22 psi. 

Anti-condensation Lining

An insulated or part-insulated temporary building will reduce the effects of condensation and maintain a safe and comfortable working environment. An additional interior anti-condensation lining can be installed or retrofitted to improve this even further.  This material is fixed below the actual roof and protects the buildings contents from condensation. The lining is flame retardant and has a material thickness of 500 g/m2.

Hire an insulated building

If you are looking for a short-term temporary structure, you can hire a temporary building.  This means you will benefit from additional space quickly without significant, up front expenditure.  When you rent a temporary building, you can simply return the structure to us, after the rental period.  Or, if you want to keep the building, we offer a purchase option during the rental period. We hold a number of temporary structures in stock at any time. 

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are expert, national modular, insulated building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions from temporary warehouses, industrial canopies and workshops.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will stand the test of time.  In addition to insulated buildings, we also install a wide range of non-insulated, industrial structures

Design your building for free!

Field and Lawn are expert, national modular, insulated building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions from temporary warehouses, industrial canopies and workshops.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will stand the test of time.  In addition to insulated buildings, we also install a wide range of non-insulated, industrial structures

Who we work with


Festive Lighting: Behind the Magic of the Christmas Lights

Meet the team who illuminate christmas

From a warehouse just on the outskirts of Bristol, Christmas starts early with a huge checklist of tasks to make sure a vast array of commercial festive lighting and dazzling city centre illuminations sparkle. 

Preparing over millions of Christmas lights for commercial installations is no quick task.  A dedicated team of skilled Electricians, Warehouse Managers and installation experts, backed by a group of Project Managers get to work during summer.  Their jobs involve testing, cleaning, checking, designing and preparing for festive lighting installations across the Capital and beyond.

Together, the team make sure that every installation is a sight to behold.  Lewis Jones talks us through the scale of the task and how it all gets done, in time for the festive season.

Identifying schemes and commercial designs

It all begins with the creative minds coming together to identify schemes for the season. Working closely with the Project, Team Branch Manager and clients, we carefully to create schemes that fit specific locations, budgets and designs.  

Typically, this includes, streetlight motifs, large cross street display panels, festoons and light ceilings.  Some of the features are pretty sizable with one of the nodes that goes above Bond Street weighing in at an impressive 100kg+ per feature.  We also erect and dress around 20 real Christmas trees, all from a local supplier.

Talking of Christmas trees...

We hold one of the largest, ground mounted walk-through illuminations currently available in the UK. Standing at an impressive 25m with a large, 2m walkthrough archway, this giant will be the centre of social media attention. It has previously been used at Wembley and is currently available for hire this season. If you are looking to make a statement, contact us to find out about hiring this ground feature.  

a large 25m illuminated walkthrough Christmas tree

Fresh, innovative commercial lighting displays

We try and keep things fresh and exciting with around 10 new schemes being designed for this year.  As we have such a large stock, we are able to transfer different lights to different cites.  This keeps costs down for clients but also brings new displays to areas to keep things interesting.  This year, from the Bristol branch, we will be responsible for around 60 displays!

a street lined with large Christmas decorations

Collaborating with Project Managers

Once the schemes are decided, the real coordination begins. Our team liaises with our various Project Managers to understand the scope of work required for each installation. We take note of any changes or unique elements that clients want to incorporate and work with our suppliers to get the designs fabricated.  A big focus is on how we can incorporate recyclable and sustainable materials.  

About three months before installation starts, Project Managers will also start to apply for the relevant permits, permissions and road closure notices. This means we have the correct paperwork well in advance of the installation period to avoid delays. 

We get a full specification to ensure the infrastructure will support the displays, including undertaking wind and snow loading calculations. About a week before the installation process starts, we visit locations to complete pull tests.  Site specific risk and method statements will also be drawn up ahead of any testing and installation.  

Meet the project managers

Across our regional branches, we have dedicated project managers for commercial festive lighting projects.  With over 80 years’ of combined experience, they can bring any lighting scheme, display or idea to reality.


Creative Director


Senior Project Manager


Project Manager


Senior Project Manager


Project Manager

How do we inspect, test and repair the Christmas decorations?

A team of experts work on checking and testing festive lighting

Inside the warehouse

A crucial step is testing and inspections. This is where the magic starts to happen. 

Mat labels every light, LED, feature and tree so that it is accounted for in the warehouse system so we can quickly locate it.  

We give every light and fixture a thorough inspection, ensuring they are in perfect condition.   

This includes the important PAT test, Karl leads that operation.  If we find any damaged lights or metalwork, we’re quick to repair or replace them. 

Installation time!

When the festive season is just around the corner and everything is inspected and tested we develop installation programmes and resource plans.  

Installation starts at the end of September and the majority of displays are active by the 1st December.    We will usually have around 20 teams of two out, with cherry pickers across the London. The other branches will follow a similar schedule.  

The work is completed through the night and finishes with us sending a nightly update report to the client.  We have to co-ordinate with shops, businesses and the public as we need to work with road closure notices which can be very challenging in central London.  In total, the installation takes around 10-11 weeks.

“You can never have too many lights on a Christmas Tree”

When it comes to dressing Christmas trees, we have all lost count of how many we have done!  It’s a skill when you’re dealing with 10m high trees with thousands of lights per tree.  Then, start from the top and work tightly down.  We also have to be mindful of vandalism, so we try and keep the lighting out of arms reach to minimise the chances of things being moved! 

“No one likes to untangle Christmas lights”.

Lights, camera action! Switch on Events

Festive lighting in action!

Once everything is prepared and double-checked, it’s time for activations.  If we are decorating a bustling shopping street or adorning a town square, our team works tirelessly to ensure that the Christmas lights shine their brightest. 

Without wanting to ruin the magic, the lights are turned on with devises that look like TV remotes! One of the best things is to take friends and family to London to see the displays that we have worked on for the last 6 months, it’s a really proud moment for everyone.

What happens when the lighting schemes are on?

Throughout the festive period, we will have an emergency response team, on call 24/7 should there be any outages.  We also schedule daily checks and walk-about to make sure the lights are all in tip top shape.  

So, the next time you stroll through the streets and look up, remember the passion, planning and hard work of the team behind the scenes. 

Watch the magic! see the 2023 festive lighting displays in 4k

Art on the Street’ project adorns Bath city centre

Bespoke artwork hangs high in bath

Two public spaces in Bath have been dressed with bespoke artwork to celebrate the city as part of a summer events programme.

Firstly, what is placemaking

The Art on the Street project has been installed at Milsom Quarter and Kingsmead Square and has been created by local artist Zoë Power.  It features overhead flags, decorated planters, contemporary bunting and window designs.

The project is funded by the West of England Combined Authority’s Love Our High Streets programme and is part of a wider High Streets Renewal project for Bath city centre, which in part aims to support the Milsom Quarter and Kingsmead Square with improvements to the high street and a programme of animation and events to increase footfall and support local businesses.

artistic flags

wider Public Realm and placemaking

In addition to Art on the Street, other public realm improvements will be delivered this summer with pieces of new street furniture being upgraded at New Street and New Bond Street, alongside art work along the corridor between Milsom Street and Broad Street by Tozer Signs.

The great bath feast!

The programme will also support the Great Bath Feast which runs from September 22 to 24 comprising a buzzing market across Milsom Street, Quiet Street, Green Street and New Bond Street. The event includes chef demos, street performances, an artisan village, book signings, talks and street food.

Field and Lawn can support you with all aspects of the placemaking mix


Councillor Paul Roper, cabinet member for Economic and Cultural Sustainable Development, said:

“The Art on the Street installations will celebrate the city with a pop of colour and fun as part of the festival programme. After some challenging times for local traders, the street dressing will help attract more people to these areas and encourage future visits.”

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:

“I’m proud these artworks celebrating this amazing city, fully funded by my Mayoral Combined Authority, are up and I’d encourage Bathonians, and all West of England residents for that matter, to check them out while they can. I’m sure they will put a smile on many people’s faces. As Mayor, I’m committed to working with local people on projects that bring pride to our area. A big thank you to Zoë for her work here.”

About fIELD AND LAWN: Placemaing and City dRESSING

Field and Lawn are one of the leading placemaking and city dressing providers in the UK.  With four regional branches across, we provide a nationwide service.  Our experienced team can assist in a wide range of placemaking projects.  Beyond placemaking, we also provide festive lighting services, event marquees and temporary buildings.   We provide placemaking and city dressing for:

  • Events and activations
  • Performance art
  • Celebrations and gatherings
  • Urban greening 
  • Large outdoor lettering 
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Experiential displays
  • Pop-up markets
  • Art installations and exhibitions
  • Lighting and illuminations
  • Architectural lighting
  • Flags, banners and bunting
  • Seasonal outdoor events
  • Outdoor beaches

Temporary building design. Made easy.

A free blueprint for designing your bespoke Temporary Building.

When it comes to designing a new building, traditionally, it can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise, requiring a range of consultants just to get the project to site.  Then you will face the challenges and costs of procuring and managing a complex construction project.  A temporary building can be designed, manufactured and installed in weeks.  

More space. Less stress.

Unlock the benefits of temporary buildings

Field and Lawn provide a full, turnkey service, including free structural calculations and design drawings through to expert project management, delivering a high quality, fully functioning temporary building in as little as 5 weeks.  Despite the “temporary” name, they are robust structures that can be in place for over 20 years.  

From temporary warehouses to industrial manufacturing facilities, they provide durable, high quality space in a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional building.  

Start your temporary building design now. For free

Our temporary building configurator gives you the chance to design and specify your new temporary structure for free. One of the many benefits of choosing a modular temporary building for your on-site space requirements is the ability to customise and create a completely bespoke solution.   

You can now achieve this without spending a fortune on expensive Architects, Consultants, Engineers and Designers. Our online temporary budling design tool makes the design process even quicker, super simple and best of all, free! 

You can design your ideal temporary building with our online temporary building configurator today.  Enabling you to take control of your temporary building design, with a few clicks.  No expensive consultants required! 

About Temporary Buildings

A large temporary storage tent

The ability to quickly create additional space, with minimal disruption, is one of the key benefits of a temporary building. They can offer many other significant benefits compared to a traditional building. They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together,  or using a steel frame, providing a space solution for everyone.


Installed on-site in a matter of days


Built to last in excess of 20+ years


Completely bespoke and customiseable

Specifications and options

They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together,  or using a steel frame, providing a space solution for everyone.

Understanding the temporary building landscape:

Quality design and bespoke functionality

Temporary buildings are most commonly used by businesses to meet an urgent need for warehouse, storage and manufacturing capacity. However, the structures can be used for a wide range of additional functions from light aircraft hangars, industrial canopies, welfare facilities, plant / machinery stores and everything in-between. 

More on modular construction

Building a warehouse and storage building

Modular construction offers exceptional functionality and the ability to customise your building to create an exceptional structure that will stand the test of time. Whether you need a temporary warehouse, or an industrial manufacturing facility our free online design tool is the first step in creating your new building.  

Temporary buildings are completely modular, meaning they are manufactured off-site and installed without disruption. The structure can be installed an virtually any ground surface or slope.  Modular buildings offer unparalleled flexibility, adding extra space without the cost, waste and hassle of traditional construction. The result? Minimal disruption and maximum adaptability. 

Design compliance and regulations

Every building from Field and Lawn is carefully engineered by experts to comply with local wind and weather loadings and UK building regulations. Temporary building design requires an in-depth understanding of these building regulations and planning permission, to ensure safety and compliance while delivering innovative, bespoke designs.  

Our temporary building experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. Even if  you are just looking to modify or extend an existing building right through to a new construction project, we can provide a best in class temporary building structure and unmatched expertise. 

Sustainability in focus

Field and Lawn are a certified carbon neutral company and sustainability remains a focal point in our to temporary building design. Selecting eco-friendly materials and embracing sustainable practices such as highly efficient insulation to improve the buildings thermal performance and comfort to off-site manufacturing which minimises waste. 

Why choose Field and Lawn

    We provide a complete temporary building solution.  Our turnkey service includes design drawings, structural calculations, expert project management and installation to give you the building you need.  Quickly.


  1. Industry expertise: 35+ years experience
  2. UK Based with short lead times
  3. Exceptional quality, backed by a comprehensive warranty  
  4. A portfolio of successful projects and happy clients – request a reference!
  5.  Flexible options, including rental agreements

Who we work with


We have four regional branches and offer a wide range of large, robust PVC industrial tents designed to meet your temporary storage needs. our product range also includes Our industrial tents are not only suitable for industrial and commercial storage but also serve as excellent solutions for workshops, showrooms, logistics operations, and commercial businesses. With high-quality materials, robust construction, and versatile options, our temporary warehouses provide the perfect solution for businesses seeking flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their storage.  Our quality assurance standards will give you piece of mind:


Video! Reflections from The Royal Highland Show.

See our event marquees like never before!

The Royal Highland Show is regarded as one of the biggest agricultural shows in the UK, attracting 217,000 people in 2023.  Field and Lawn hire over 40 event marquees to the Show and their exhibitors.  That is roughly 45,000m sq. of marquee space!

Watch the video

Explore the marquees and see some epic drone footage from The Royal Highland Show. The video reveals epic drone footage of the event, an exclusive interview with our Head of Projects and jaw-dropping views of our marquees and event structures.

This year, one of the highlights was the impressive Golden Shears structure, providing a 30m x 20m agricultural structure. It was the perfect backdrop for the 2023 Golden Shears Sheep Shearing & Wool handling World Championships.  Over 380 competitors and 78 wool handlers from over 30 countries competed in the event.

The marquees take around four weeks to build and after a successful event, the hard work continues as we de-rig the marquees.  The team turn their attention to cleaning, checking and preparing the marquees for their next outing. 

A large agricultural show using clearspan marquees hired from Field and Lawn

About the build

The Royal Highland Show is a massive undertaking, erecting over 40 structures of this scale requires meticulous coordination and teamwork. The complexity of the build demands attention to detail and adherence to tight schedules. However, with our 35 years of experience in delivering marquees to large scale events and outdoor shows, the team delivered an exceptional build. 



Our corporate, clearspan marquees provided the perfect platform for big brands to showcase a diverse range of products and produce.  These marquees were thoughtfully designed with accessibility in mind. 


corporate branded marquees

Some marquees featured bespoke branding that perfectly aligned with each exhibitor’s identity, creating a visually stunning and cohesive experience. These corporate marquees not only impressed visitors with their professional appearance but also provided a functional space for businesses to connect with their customers.

corporate clearspan marquee hire

Thank you for having us!

Finally, our thanks go to the team at The Royal Highland Show for having us, it is always a pleasure working together. We can’t wait to go again next year!

Looking to hire a marquee?

Field and Lawn have been at the forefront of the UK’s event marquee hire and structure industry for over 35 years. With our vast experience and expertise, we have proudly provided our services to some of the country’s most celebrated events, shows and exhibitions.  Contact us for a quote for your next event.

Marquee Hire for Christmas Parties

Winter and Christmas party marquee hire: TALK TO THE EXPERTS

Field and Lawn provide nationwide marquee hire for Christmas parties. As the festive season approaches, the thought of hosting a corporate Christmas party or company celebration or might seem like a long way away.  However,  now is the time to plan your Christmas party! Field and Lawn have been providing party venues for years and our range of marquees make the ideal space for a Christmas party or end of year company gathering.  With over 35 years’ of experience of supplying marquees, we are well suited to helping you host the perfect corporate event.  

Expert Project Management

Nationwide Marquee Hire

Premium Marquees

Winter and christmas marquee hire

Marquees aren’t just for summer events!  While our peak marquee hire season is during the summer months, our marquees can be used all year round to create superb, luxury, Christmas party venues for festive celebrations.  

Whether it’s an autumn anniversary, Christmas gathering, New Year’s celebration, or winter birthday, our team will work closely with you to create a bespoke marquee plan tailored to your needs. With our long-term marquee hire options, you can even host multiple parties in a custom-designed venue. 

inside a marquee ready for a Christmas party

Extremely effective heating

One of the questions we often get asked by our customers looking to hire a marquee for a corporate Christmas party is how warm will it be?  

The good news is all our marquees can be supplied with complete heating systems.  This will provide a consistent, warm temperature throughout the marquee.  The system is subtle and may be thermostatically controlled to keep the marquee warm throughout the event, ensuring your guests stay comfortable.  There’s something truly wonderful about being warm and cozy inside a marquee while the winter chill sets in outside. Our specialist heated winter and Christmas marquees provide the perfect contrast to a frosty festive backdrop.  

Full, professional project management

Whether you’re hosting a company Christmas party, or New Years eve celebration or even a luxury winter wedding, our marquees provide incredible celebration spaces. You will have the support of a Project Manager who will be accountable for the successful delivery and installation of your marquee, from start to finish.  it will give you a completely seamless planning experience.

We can install your marquee on practically any ground surface, we use a range of anchoring systems to from traditional pins through to complex cantilevered solutions.  We provide all the relevant risk and method statements and loading calculations so you don’t have to!

Christmas party event extras

The unique charm of any winter event can be enhanced by magical lighting schemes, twinkling fairy lights and uplighters that create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy.   

Enhanced by the dark winter nights, our lighting setups add a touch of magic to the atmosphere, creating an enchanting Christmas party venue.

festive lighting

Make your corporate Christmas party or large-scale event a truly unforgettable experience and take the stress out of organising the event!  Our team can help you arrange the added extras and finishing touches,  such as lights, chairs, tables, furniture and the all important dance floor!

We also can assist with:

  • Covered walkways
  • Carpets and flooring 
  • Access ramps and railings
  • Linings and drapes 
  • Festive lighting and illuminations

Marquee Sizes

If you are looking for marquee hire for Christmas parties, Field and Lawn have a vast range of high quality and versatile marquees to suite your event or special occasions.  Our marquee hire fleet includes small event structures from 3m up to 9m.

Our medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m. Our largest event structures span between 25m up to 30m.  

Our marquees can be hired with soft or solid sides.  We can also provide marquees with glazed panels or PVC windows.

If you already have your Christmas party venue sorted and simply require extra space and capacity, we can provide bespoke covered areas for your guests.  If you’re hosting a corporates party at your offices, we can provide catering marquees for external catering companies too!

Contact our team today to start planning your perfect winter wonderland!