In pictures: Our latest Ramadan lighting scheme “Sundial”

Explore our latest ramadan lighting scheme

Following the success of the first ever, large scale commercial Ramadan lighting display in the UK in 2023, Field and Lawn have delivered a brand new scheme for Ramadan 2024. Earlier this month, The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan attended the activation event in the West End. Here is a collection of stunning images from this years display:

a large Ramadan lighting display in central london

About the 2024 Ramadan lights IN London

The new display, located in Coventry Street is titled “Sundail” and is inspired by the transition from dawn to dusk during Ramadan. It represents the fasting experience with radiant suns and moons, forming a visual timepiece. The design features beautiful geometric patterns and hanging stars, paying homage to Islamic art. Over 30000 sustainable lights will illuminate the skies between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

Ramadan ground features and selfie spots

Another new addition to this years display is an enchanting ground mounted illuminated Ramadan decoration on Edgeware Road.  Marble Arch London BID, in partnership with the The Portman Estate, have brought the first Ramadan light display to Edgware Road, installing an illuminated crescent moon ground mounted selfie spot at Nutford Place which will be in place until Wednesday 10 April.

The bespoke 2.9m tall light installation is a majestic walk-through experience, adorned with warm white LED lights and elegant gold insets. Emblazoned with the heartfelt message “Ramadan Mubarak,” symbolising blessings and goodwill. The display runs throughout Ramadan and will be illuminated each day between 6am-11pm. The feature is something that can be easily replicated in cities across the UK to spread the joy of Ramadan.  It has created a wonderful selfie spot for people to come together and celebrate Ramadan.

Photography by Marble Arch BID

“It is really powerful, many non-Muslims are becoming increasingly curious about Ramadan and what it involves. It's spreading awareness in such a nice way through art and light installation. It was the idea that came from me but I encourage Muslims and people from other faiths to continue on and do it.”

Create your own ramadan lighting display

Ramadan lights illuminate central London

We can help you make it happen! This is the second year Field and Lawn have delivered a world class display specifically for the holy month of Ramadan. Our festive lighting expertise, in-house creative teams and expert installation crews can bring a Ramadan display like this to your city, shopping centre or high street.  We would be delighted to work with you to design a bespoke display!


Who's involved?

The Ramadan lights are a collaboration between many organisations. The lights are designed, manufactured and installed by Field and Lawn.  The Oxford Street display is presented by AlgbraX. The Aziz Foundation is responsible for the Coventry Street display.  The concept was founded by Aisha Desai of Ramadan Lights UK.  Made possible by the Heart of London Business Alliance and Lantern London. With support from many more people who have worked hard behind the scenes to create the wonderful spectacle. 

Show season ahead! Finding the best marquees for agricultural shows

marquee hire for agricultual shows

Agricultural shows are a melting pot, bringing together the very best producers, suppliers and exhibitors. They showcase livestock, the very best local food produce and provide an unmatched outdoor retail and shopping experience.  They present one of the most diverse and interesting shows to organise and produce. With so much variety, finding the best, most flexible and high-quality marquees if often a challenge for event organisers. 


We provide tent hire for agricultural shows across the UK with a specialist range of clearspan frames and pavilion marquees to accommodate any size show.  Due to our size, kit availability and national coverage we have the capability and capacity to deliver a complete marquee hire solution for the entire event. We are the “one stop shop” when it comes to hiring a marquee for your next agricultural show. 

We hold over 800,000sq. ft. of clearspan marquee kit and can deliver at scale, providing widths of 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m up to 30m if you are looking for a large marquee. These structures are ideal for feature pavilions, barns or livestock enclosures and large exhibition halls.

We can provide multiple runs of 3m, 6m, 9m shedding for traders or vendors, these make great retail spaces and temporary storefronts.

We also provide high quality hospitality structures for member’s or other corporate hospitality requirements in bespoke sizes. We can provide branded gables, windows and a range of doors to create a stunning finish.

A Pagoda marquee is a popular option for info points, first aid, animal welfare and back of house operations. Our pagoda marquees are available in a range of sizes including 3m x 3m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

Marquee hire for agricultural show exhibitors

Not only do we provide world class marquees directly to show organisers, we also supply high-end corporate marquees for trade stands and show exhibitors. If you are exhibiting at a show and require a tent to showcase your business, our solutions will create a welcoming environment for your potential customers.

A large clearspan marquee used at an agricultural event featuring a branded gable

Optional Extras

We can help you with the all important finishing touches from marquee interiors like ivory pleated linings through to marquee lighting.  We also provide a range of flooring options, including cassette flooring, ply laid to ground, lighting options, doors, solid or soft sides, bespoke joinery for access ramps and handrails. Our extensive and trusted supply chain partners can also help with show power solutions, furniture and toilet hire. 

Why choose Field and Lawn

We are outdoor event people and event marquee hire experts, passionate about delivering first class seasonal shows.  We have supplied, built and project managed marquees for farming and agricultural shows throughout the UK for many years, it’s our specialty! We also provide a range of marquees and tents for sporting events, music festivals and hospitality events.  Our expert project managers will work with you to 

We’re proud to say we’ve built our service along the way, working with word famous events such as the Royal Highland Show, the Royal Bath and West Show any many more shows across the UK

Who we work with

Watch us in action!

Our expert, in-house installation teams share a behind the scenes look at the installation process for the Royal Highland Show. Take a look at how we work to bring one of the most iconic agricultural shows to life!

Southport Flower Show Contract Secured

flower show marquee hire

Field and Lawn are delighted to have secured a five-year contract to supply event marquees to Southport Flower Show.  This year promises to be an extra-special occasion as 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the show!

When it comes to flower shows, hiring marquees is unquestionably an essential part of the planning process. Our temporary structures and classic clearspan marquees provide the ideal environment to showcase the most wonderful flower displays and exhibits.

About Southport flower show

The Southport Flower Show takes place between the 15th – 18th August 2024 at Victoria Park.  The show offers a packed schedule featuring gardening advice, a pop up shopping village, live music and entertainment plus much more.  

The project will be delivered by the Northern branch of Field and Lawn with support from our Bristol Branch and GL events UK who have previously delivered marquees at the show.  This year we are providing a wide range of marquee structures covering approximately 13,500sqm, including:

• Amateur Growers Pavillion: 25m x 85m

• Grand Floral Marquess comprising: three. 25m x 50m structures

• 1924 Lounge: 15m x 55m

• Central Kitchen: 15m x 40m

• Cookery Theatre: 15m x 20m

• Garden Theatre: 15m x 35m

the project in detail

To keep the floral displays in tip top condition, we will be providing a full HVAC solution to number of marquees.  As well as exhibition halls, our flexible marquees will be put to use for VIP infrastructure, retail space and information points across the venue.  

Field and Lawn have a track record of supply high quality marquees to renowned horticultural events and flower shows across the UK. Working previously at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and Chorley Flower Show (pictured above). Our teams are well rehearsed in providing exceptional service and high quality marquees to deliver a world class visitor experience. 

About Field and Lawn Marquees

We supply a wide range of marquees to major outdoor events, shows and festivals.  With Four regional branches we provide national coverage.  As a carbon neutral business, we are also leading the event industry forward to a more sustainable future.

What are the benefits of hiring a marquee long-term?

Long term marquee hire from the experts

While marquees are often associated with a wide range of events such as weddings, parties, a corporate event or festival. They have a much wider application when hired for long term use.  

Our specification is adapted to you long term needs, with a range of bespoke options for extended marquee hire.

To explore the benefits of hiring a marquee long term, and look your options,  Project Manager, Helen Middleton shares here insight into extended hire commercial marquees and temporary structures. 

Helen is an experienced project manager and has helped hundreds of business hire marquees for long term requirements.  

How long is long term?

We provide long term marquee hire for a range of businesses, our rental periods range from as little as one week, through to several months.  Our rental agreements are flexible and can always be extended should you need you keep the extra space.  If you have a seasonal storage requirement, we can offer rental agreements to work around your needs.

It’s very common for businesses to extend either the hire term or physical space once the structure has been on site and has started to be used. The benefits are seen quickly!

Popular uses for long term marquees

The adaptability of marquee structures makes them perfect for a wide variety of long term uses. With their versatile design marquees present an ideal solution to longer-term needs. Businesses approach us if their existing structure is undergoing repairs, or when additional space is needed very quickly. In my experience, here are just a few examples of how we have helped businesses and the public sector with long term marquee hire:

Why do businesses choose a long term hire?

1. Cost-effective

Long-term marquee hire can be a cost-effective solution.  Hiring a venue for an extended period often incurs substantial costs, including venue fees, security deposits, and maintenance charges. In contrast, marquees provide a more affordable alternative with reduced overhead costs.

3. Customisation Options

Our marquees can be easily customised to reflect your brand with bespoke gables that feature your logo and brand colours. We have a wide range of customisation options for the interior and exterior of your marquee including various flooring such as vinyl, carpet and plywood options, interior tent linings and other fit-out options.

5. Environmentally friendly

Field and Lawn proudly operate as a carbon neutral company, meaning your marque hire will be carbon free! Furthermore, choosing these marquees for extended periods helps minimise the overall carbon footprint linked to traditional building materials and methods, promoting an eco-friendly alternative for events or disposable products.

2. Flexible

As marquees can be put up and taken down easily, exactly where you need the additional space, they provide a significant amount of flexibility. Our marquees are modular, which means they are constructed in 5m bays.  Marquees can be extended or shortened so over time the space can flex to suit your needs.  We can install a marquee on any ground surface too!  

4. Low maintenance

Our marquees are made from high-quality durable materials that are all quality checked before they arrive on site. Our marquee structures are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are resistant to tearing, UV damage, and water, reducing the likelihood of structural issues. Due to the modular structure of marquees, should any parts of your marquee become damaged or worn components are easily interchangeable without dismantling the entire structure.

How to spec a marquee for long term hire.

long term retail marquee

One of the big questions I get asked is what options are provided in the marquee.  It does depend on how and what it will be used for but our specification is one of the best in the industry.  We adapt the structure based on your needs and can provide everything required for a long term hire.  

Field and Lawn marquees can be hired with soft or solid walls, flooring, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and windows to create a high quality temporary space. An enhanced specification can be offered for corporate marquee hire for example, luxury linings and glazed bays and doors are often used to create a high end feel that is comparable to a semi-permanent structure. 

Helen's Expert Insight on long term marquee hire

Expert tip on heating and cooling: If your marquee hire will stretch over several seasons, we can offer a flexible hire option for ancillary items to save you money.  For example, you can hire a heater for just the winter months directly from us.  You won’t need to pay for it over the full term of the marquee hire. 

How long does a marquee take to install?

For a 12 x 9m structure, we can complete the marquee installation within a day, for a smaller footprint, it can be installed in a matter of hours. This means you won’t face disruption or delay and your space will be operational within 24 hours.

How fast can I hire a structure?

Field and Lawn have a large branch network and access to over 800,000 sq. ft. of marquee space.  This means we can provide a marquee in a matter of days.  Sometimes, even faster if you have an urgent need. 

We can provide a quick quote and we use experienced in-house installation teams which speeds the process up and provides a quality service.

What about long term marquee maintenance?

If you are hinging a marquee over an extended period, we will maintain the structure.  The initial calculations and design will enable us to provide a safe structure based on your local environment. Periodic checks will be required. We can also check that any means of securing the structure down are still safely in place, whether this is stakes or weighting. Ad hoc checks are also sometimes required following adverse weather conditions.

Whether used for hosting events, creating temporary venues, or providing shelter in various settings, our marquee structures offer a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and flexibility. 

For a competitive quote and cost for long term marquee hire contact us:

Pioneering Sustainability in the Events Industry with Carbon Neutral Certification


Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, year on year, playing an active part in driving the event industry to a more sustainable future. Across all our sectors we are constantly innovating to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Field and Lawn are a certified carbon neutral organisation. Carbon offsetting is one of the many ways our business is tackling climate change. We are pleased to report that in 2023, 963 tonnes of carbon dioxide has been offset.  

That is roughly equivalent to planting 43,773 mature trees!

This means, 100% of emissions produced from UK wide operations are offset through an accredited process that is independently verified through Carbon Footprint Limited.

Why sustainability matters to field and lawn

At Field and Lawn, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a core value that drives decision-making at every level of the business. Field and Lawn understands that achieving sustainability in the events industry requires more than just carbon offsetting; it demands constant innovation and a commitment to adopting eco-friendly practices. 

Field and Lawn have made a steadfast commitment to sustainability with commitments to reduce waste, year on year and use the most sustainable solutions for festive lighting and event marquees from re-active air coatings on flags to sustainable lighting products.

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn, a leading player in the events industry, proudly stands at the forefront of this movement, having recently retained its Carbon Neutral Certification from Carbon Footprint Limited. In this article, we delve into the significance of sustainability for Field and Lawn, exploring their commitment, innovations, and contributions towards building a greener future.

Stepping into the world of flower shows

Insight from the flower show marquee hire experts

Spring is certainly a busy time for the gardening world. Not only does planting season start, but many of the countries top flower shows are mobilising for summer events. At Field and Lawn, we work with some of the top horticultural societies to provide world class marquees and temporary structures to flower shows and horticultural events across the UK.

Our latest blog, discusses the key things you need to know when exploring marquee hire for flower shows.

Temporary structures for large events

When it comes to large flower show events, hiring marquees is unquestionably an essential part of the planning process. Our temporary structures provide the ideal environment to showcase the most wonderful displays and exhibits.  

Why clearspan marquees?

To begin with, our clearspan event marquees can be hired to offer shade and shelter to keep displays (and visitors!) in tip top shape.  Field and Lawn have a vast range of high quality and versatile marquees for hire, suitable for all events and occasions.  

Our marquee hire fleet includes small event structures from 3m up to 9m. Medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m. Our largest event structures span between 25m up to 30m. We can also provide conical marquees which are perfect for smaller shows and events. 

Above all, one of the main reasons why flower show events opt for marquee hire is the versatility they offer.  Our clearspan structures can be configured and specified to your exact requirements.

In the same way, whether it’s a small-scale floral exhibition or a grand garden party, marquees can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of layouts and designs. From intimate floral marquees to large spacious pavilions, and corporate hospitality, the options are endless.  In fact, marquees can even be supplied with or without flooring. Additionally, we can construct our marquees around existing features and installations if required.

back of house event marquees

Most importantly, marquees play a crucial role in providing essential back of house for flower show events. From catering facilities to ticketing and security check points. In particular they can house dining areas, bars, and lounges, creating relaxed, yet high end feel for everyone attending the event. Additionally, marquees can be equipped with a vast range of extras. This includes, heating, cooling, tables and chairs, heating, lighting, lining, flooring and more.  Field and Lawn have a large stock and work with industry leading suppliers. We can supply the extras to make your flower show spectacular.

Project gallery


Our marquees can be hired with soft or solid sides.  We can also provide marquees with glazed panels or PVC windows and high quality doors, access ramps and even bespoke branded PVC gables.

Notably the most popular option for flower show events are clearspan marquees. These provide open plan space for exhibitors to showcase their impressive floral displays, allowing visitors unobstructed views through the pavilion. As a result, within this space, exhibitors can display their vibrant stunning arrangements, creating a cohesive and easy to navigate experience for visitors. 

Above all, the marquee becomes the heart of the event, where visitors can explore a wide variety of flowers and plants, learn from exhibitor talks and seminars.


Now there are hundreds of flower shows every year, from the world famous RHS Chelsea flower show to smaller independent events. In brief here are just a handful of the spectacular flower show events that we have to look forward to in 2024!

Harrogate Flower Show – Their Spring show is held at the Great Yorkshire Showground, a Jewell in the calendar! – Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th April

Chorley Flower Show – An award winning show in Astley Park – July 2024, Dates are to be confirmed 

Shrewsbury Flower Show – A premier event organised by the Shropshire Horticultural Society – August 2024, Dates are to be confirmed

Southport Flower Show – The UK’s largest independent flower show! Thursday 15th – Sunday 18th August

In Summary

In conclusion when it comes to large flower show events, marquee hire is a practical and popular choice. Overall, the versatility, flexibility, and functionality of marquees make them an ideal solution. Subsequently by hiring a marquee, event organizers can create captivating spaces that showcases exhibits while providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors. So, the next time you attend a flower show event, take a moment to appreciate the marquee that has made it all possible. It may well be a Field and Lawn marquee! 

About Field and lAWN

Field and Lawn are marquee hire experts and have supplied top of the range marquees to many flower shows across the UK.  Specifically providing full project management and installation expertise.  With four branches across the UK we have the capability and kit to supply a full event solution. 


In Focus: Temporary Warehouse Buidlings

Inside a temporary warehouse. How to maximise on-site storage space

Field and Lawn provide temporary building solutions and temporary structures across the UK and Ireland. Our temporary buildings are available to for hire, or to purchase and are manufactured to your exact requirements.  This blog will explore how a modular, temporary building building solution can quickly and cost effectively provide high quality storage space or a temporary warehouse for your business.

temporary warehouse building for ikea

Image: An insulated temporary warehouse building for IKEA, Birmingham.  Read the project case study here.

What are temporary storage buildings?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to increase storage space, look no further than a temporary building! Temporary only by name; they are de-mountable, modular structures that allow you to easily add extra space in pretty much any environment or location. 

Temporary buildings are quick to install and are being used by a growing range of sectors, including; manufacturing, retail, logistics, industrial, education, commercial, agriculture, and sporting venues for additional on-site storage capacity. They are semi-permanent, ultra-durable structures with a long lifespan of in excess of 20 years.

A temporary warehouse building from Field and Lawn can be installed on almost any ground surface, without the need for foundations. Furthermore, they are tough, durable and designed for all year round use, providing the perfect solution for your temporary warehousing requirements.  Therefore, a temporary building provides a compelling alternative to costly and time consuming traditional buildings.  They also offer many advantages to renting storage space off site

Types of temporary warehouse buildings

There are many types of temporary warehouse buildings, the three most popular solutions include:

1. Insulated buildings: 

If you have a sensitive storage requirement or will have members of your team working from the warehouse, an insulated building will provide high levels of comfort.

an insulated temporary building external view

2. Industrial buildings: 

Often, these warehouse buildings are constructed using steel sided panels, these storage sheds are robust and cost effective.  An industrial temporary building can be customised with lighting, bespoke roller shutters doors, security systems and more.  They make for great workshops and industrial storage solutions.

external overview of a temporary building

3. Industrial warehouse canopy:

Industrial canopies are useful structures that can firstly help the loading and unloading operation, linking into an existing warehouse.  Alternatively, if you need extra storage space for pallets or a lay-down area, an industrial canopy will give you everything you need. 

A lorry empties goods under an industrial canopy

Find the best solution for your storage needs

The possibilities are endless! With so many options available, we have developed a handy guide to help you find the right temporary storage facility for your business. 

Our product range is diverse, and we can supply short term industrial storage tents through to fully insulated, semi-permanent highly insulated ambient temporary warehouse facilities.  

Download the free guide on Finding The best Building for you

Downloadable guide

What are the main differences between a temporary warehouse structure and a fabric structure?

A storage marquee does share some similarities with a temporary building as they are easily installed, removed and relocatable.  That’s where the similarities end. 

A temporary building is hardwearing, long lasting, highly durable structure. Temporary buildings can be in place for up to 50 years. The structure is assessed by engineers to ensure wind and weather loading to provide a long-term solution. The key differences include:

Material: Marquees are typically made of fabric or other flexible materials, while temporary buildings generally have insulated steel clad sides with additional insulation in the roof. A range of doors, glazing and heating and cooling options can be installed in a temporary building.

Size and shape: Temporary buildings can be larger and more customisable in terms of size and shape, with multiple access and security options, including wide, secure roller doors. Due to their modular construction, additional space can be seamlessly integrated into a temporary building.

Functionality: Temporary buildings can be used for a variety of long-term purposes. This includes warehousing, secure and ambient storage, office space, classrooms, event spaces, and click and collect facilities, due to their enhanced durability and security.

Why choose a temporary building?

A temporary building will give you much more than a typical storage container could ever provide.  Our temporary storage buildings can be:

> Fully insulated delivering U-Values as low as: 0.18 W/m²K

> Temperature controlled or refrigerated

> Custom designed with glazing, roller shutter doors, loading canopies, link corridors and more

> Fully fitted and partitioned for offices , meeting rooms and everything in between 

A temporary building can be completely specified to your exact requirements, including; data connections, CCTV, internal/external lighting, alarms, access systems, flooring, glazing and racking. 


With years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary warehouse buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  We have supplied temporary building solutions to a wide range of clients.  From large, multi-national blue-chip corporations to small, industrial businesses. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 


Standards and specification

A temporary warehouse building can be made to measure, using a wide range walling, roofing and insulation options. If you want to explore more about the standards and specification options, our new guide will give you a quick insight into the types of building solutions that are available and how they meet the highest of quality standards.   

The guide will also inform on the wide range of bespoke options available as you can completely customise your new building.  Rest assured, our installation team is UK based and we only use our own, in house fully trained operatives.  In addition, Field and Lawn hold the following accreditation:



While temporary buildings are most frequently used as temporary storage buildings, there are many more uses for these innovative buildings.  We have provided industrial workshops, valeting bays, machinery stores and more! The flexibility of a temporary building can be astounding! Field and Lawn have over 35 years of experience in providing structures and multi-purpose temporary buildings.  we have a strong portfolio of completed projects and satisfied customers like Ikea.

Get the Extra Storage SPACE YOU NEED - Configure A building

If you are looking for a temporary warehouse building or on-site storage structure, we have the expertise to deliver a solution for you.  Field and Lawn have over 35 years of experence in installing temporary warehousing and storage buildings.  Our team of temporary warehouse experts are ready to help you build your new warehouse space! 

Christmas lighting scheme installation update

Christmas light installation is full speed ahead!

As the holiday season approaches, our Christmas lighting specialists have been busy installing lighting displays, using sustainable LED lights, high impact Christmas decorations, and bespoke ground features. 

The objective is to create festive lighting schemes that attract people to visit and increase dwell time, creating “instagramable” designs and an enhancing Christmas atmosphere. Our team of in-house festive lighting experts are making great progress on a number of Christmas lighting schemes.  We are currently installing around 40 Christmas lighting schemes across the UK, with the number set to increase in the coming weeks.   Here is a quick update…

High street Christmas lights

Some of our largest high street and city centre lighting displays, such as Bond Street and Oxford Street in London are already well underway, with large cross street lighting elements installed.  Architectural lighting in Covent garden is progressing well. Projects for various Business Improvement Districts around the UK are moving forward at pace and the iconic, abstract neon Christmas tree in Kings cross is taking shape.

Lighting trails and Illuminated winter walks

Our Northern branch have completed the installation of a winter lighting trail in Sunderland.  The Festival of Light is a bespoke, seasonal outdoor lighting display which provides magical family fun  in Mowbray Park. Visitors will enjoy a glittering range of illuminated Christmas features

Corporate Christmas Lighting

This year we are bringing the festive magic to life for a number of commercial clients, installing high quality Christmas decorations in shopping centres here and in Europe.  Shopping centre Christmas lighting requires exceptional attention to detail and word class products.  

We work with leading suppliers to bring the most innovative, sustainable Christmas lighting products to market.  This year we are installing festive lighting at high profile, corporate and shopping centre sites such as Telford Plaza and the Red Lion Yard in Colchester.

Corporate christmas lighting strategy

Our approach to corporate Christmas lighting involves a combination of bespoke lighting and commercial grade trees and features. Tailoring each installation to suit the corporate setting, such as illuminating outdoor trees with corporate colours and creating custom designs that will get people the festive spirit.

Our efforts to illuminate the holiday season with carefully planned Christmas lighting schemes are well underway. This project involves the strategic deployment of Christmas lights, outdoor lighting, and related installations in various settings, encompassing high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

Christmas lighting installation & expert lighting design

The planning phase involves a meticulous assessment of the layout and design elements for the lighting scheme. We strive to strike a balance between traditional Christmas lighting and modern lighting design, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing display. The implementation includes the arrangement of lights on trees, wreaths, garlands, and other structures, aiming for an inviting and festive atmosphere.

Maintenance and Removal

Every festive lighting scheme installation is designed to maximise efficiency.  Once installed, our displays are low maintenance and highly reliable.  This is beacuse testing and checks are built into every scheme.  We offer nightly checks and maintain the lighting setups throughout the holiday season. Additionally, our team efficiently manages the removal and storage process.

Continued updates on our progress in Christmas lighting scheme installations will be available on our social media channels. Our aim is to spread the holiday spirit through thoughtfully designed lighting installations, embodying the warmth and cheer of this festive season.

Field and Lawn are industry leaders when it comes to designing, supplying and installing festive lighting.  We offer supply, hire and installation of commercial christmas lighting and can help you bring your Christmas lighting scheme to life.

See what we do...

Find and hire the perfect wedding marquee in Scotland

Luxury wedding marquee hire in Scotland

We have a wide range of large wedding marquees that will provide the perfect venue for your wedding reception. Our structures are all modern, open plan marquees that can be specified to your required size.

We typically provide marquees for weddings of 100+ guests up to very large celebrations and events for 500+ people. Additionally, our range also includes beautiful pagodas which feature an elegant peaked roof.  Pagoda marquees are perfect for creating extra space for drink receptions, catering, bands and bars in addition to the main marquee.

Planning a marquee wedding Scotland?

If you are looking to hire a wedding marquee you have complete flexibility to create a magical, bespoke venue for your celebration. Hiring a luxury marquee for your wedding means you can host your special day at a time and location to suit you.  You can use the grounds of your family home, or the lawn of a traditional wedding venue, beauty spot or historic site.

Need some more wedding marquee inspiration?

Take a step inside some of our recent wedding and hospitality marquees to see how you can create your dream wedding venue with a bespoke Field and Lawn marquee. Our wedding marquees are classic rectangular-shaped tents have no inner poles, called clearspan marquees. They need very little extra space around them, so they’re also great for smaller spaces or as an extension to an existing, traditional wedding venue.

About our luxury wedding marquees

Our wedding marquees are robust and constructed using a strong frame and are the most popular choice for large weddings. Extra bays can be added to get to the desired size for your wedding in Scotland.  Bays can be 3m or 5m lengths. With our wedding marquees, it is easy to have part of the marquee sectioned off, to allow separate areas for the wedding breakfast, dancing and entertainment, lounges and bar areas. Or simply create a wonderful, open plan space without intrusive poles or beams within the marquee.

Elevate your dream wedding with a perfect marquee from Field and Lawn

A marquee can create the perfect, bespoke wedding venue for an unforgettable celebration on your special day.  Our wedding marquees can be hired with soft or solid sides, clear or solid roofs, glazed windows and doors and a vast array of lining options. From the classic ivory pleated lining to more contemporary options, or even a stunning light curtain within the roof of the marquee.

Wedding marquee hire locations across scotland

Field and Lawn were founded in Edinburgh in 1986.  Our Head Office is located in Broxburn and we provide large, luxury wedding marquees across Scotland.  From our central location in Edinburgh, we cover Glasgow, Ayrshire, Falkirk, Lothian, Fife, Lanarkshire and beyond. We have been providing wedding marquee hire for over 30 years and have helped hundreds of happy couples tie the knot in style under our luxury wedding marquees.  

Exceptional finishing touches

We can help you with every aspect of your special event, from providing a simply stunning wedding marquee, right through to organising the little extras that will complete your party in style.  This includes:

  • Luxury linings
  • Lighting, power, heating and air conditioning 
  • A range of high quality flooring options
  • Tables, chairs and furniture 
  • Dance floor
  • Bar structures and catering tents
  • Toilets and other infrastructure

We will take care of all the logistics and will ensure that your structure is built in plenty of time for the big day. We have a refined process for constructing our marquees, yet we are flexible enough to work with customers and venues to ensure all your requirements are met.   

Why hire a wedding marquee from Field and Lawn?

Field and Lawn are wedding marquee hire specialist based in Scotland.  We offer a truly personal, local and bespoke marquee hire service .  This means you will have a dedicated project manager who will take care of the fine details of your marquee hire.  From an initial site visit, right through to after the event. 

Prefer a chat?

Our friendly team would be delighted to discuss your wedding marquee hire options, how we can help with those all important finishing touches and our latest availability.  


Phone: 01506 248307

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Marquee hire for other events in Scotland

Field and lawn specialise in outdoor event marquee hire and can provide stunning event structures for a wide range of events and parties across Scotland.  This includes corporate events, festivals, hospitality, shows and exhibitions.  

Installing temporary buildings: Expert insight into access doors

Opening the door to better on-site storage and security

One of the key considerations when specifying a new temporary building or semi-permanent structure is access doors. We often get asked about the door and access options available when business are looking to increase their on-site space.  This article will explain the various options when it comes to specifying your new temporary building.

Despite the “temporary” name, these structures are robust, safe and secure.  They can be fully or partially insulated and offer exceptional levels of flexibility due to their modular construction. The good news is that just like a traditional building, there are a wide range of door systems and options to choose from. When it comes to installing temporary buildings, we can provide practically any access door for your exact requirements. 

Access doors for temporary buildings

Temporary warehouse buildings with large access doors

Some of the most common uses for industrial temporary buildings require vehicle access, such as forklift trucks for temporary warehouses or larger plant and machinery for industrial buildings. The most popular access doors for temporary buildings are roller shutter doors. These can be specified as manual or electrically operated roller doors in a range of standard and bespoke sizes.  

Access doors meet all appropriate fire resistance and thermal insulation regulations. Rapid access doors with a shorter response time for applications such as blue light buildings can also be supplied.  Rapid access doors are also great solutions for temporary warehouse buildings where speed and efficiency are key to operational performance.

Pedestrian doors

We supply and fit pedestrian doors with our temporary buildings. These doors can be insulated or non-insulated depending on the use of the building.

Different door systems can be installed such as glazed or double doors, for customer facing buildings. 

industrial access doors used in a temporary building structure

The options include industrial steel doors, UPVC doors, which can be installed in insulated buildings and Glazed doors.  Glazed doors work well for temporary accommodation, welfare facilities and gyms. 

How many doors will I need in my building for fire regs?

The number of doors required for fire regulations in a temporary building can vary depending on the specific regulations and the purpose of the building. Commercial and public buildings are legally required to have more than one fire exit and our team of experts will be able to provide specific guidance on fire safety to help you comply with regulations for your temporary building. Further guidance on installing temporary buildings, specifically emergency evacuation can be found on the government website.

Access for Warehouse buildings

Access control for warehouse buildings is critical for stock security.  A bespoke access control system can be installed in any of our warehouse buildings to prevent unauthorised access.  Moving stock in and around a temporary warehouse building is easy as access doors are large enough to allow access for forklift trucks and other heavy lifting equipment. A 3m x 4m access door will safely accommodate a loaded forklift truck.

Vehicle workshops, maintenance buildings and valeting bays

If you are looking for a maintenance building, temporary workshop or valeting bay, there are a few different access options. We can achieve door heights of up to 5m. Meaning there is sufficient clearance for light vehicles and HGVs to enter the workshop. Valeting bays can be provided as open-ended structures and completed with vehicle and pedestrian doors. A standard, electric 3m x 2.5m door will give enough space for a large family car or SUV. For motorhomes and caravans, larger doors can be created.

Canopies and loading bays

Industrial steel sided canopy structure

These structures offer unrivalled versatility when it comes to loading and unloading goods and materials.  Generally, our industrial canopies and loading bays are open ended to allow for vehicle access. They can also be linked to existing buildings, providing weatherproof area for stock processing or dispatch.  

Keeping your valuable products and staff fully protected from the weather, all year round.  If you link a canopy to an existing structure, it will still be possible to maintain access control and security. We can integrate doors and bespoke openings on all our industrial canopy structures, providing complete flexibility.

building Security and remote monitoring

Finally, there are a number of security solutions that can be integrated into temporary buildings.  From standard key fob entry system to biometric security solutions.  Temporary buildings can be completely specified to maintain site security and access control.  CCTV systems can be added together with security and emergency lighting. Doors can be controlled with smart locks and remote access is possible with the most advanced door entry systems.  

Temporary buildings can also be fully partitioned to allow access to specific areas of the building to keep sensitive and secure areas safe.  Advanced fire detection systems can be integrated into our structures for enhanced safety and security.  

In Summary

We are experts in installing temporary buildings, they can match that of a permanent building when it comes to access controls, safety, fire protection and security.  Our team of experts will be able to help you spec the perfect system for your new temporary building, no matter the use case or location of your building.  Contact us today to get the space you need.

Use our free interactive building configurator to design your building and start your quote…

Christmas is Calling! Commercial Christmas Lighting Inspiration

Explore commercial christmas lighting solutions.

Field and Lawn are leading providers of large scale, commercial festive lighting activations across the UK. As the holiday season is approaching, this year we have a wide range of festive lighting, Christmas trees and commercial Christmas lighting available for hire.  

From large illuminated festive ground features to themed immersive winter lighting trails. We can supply, install and maintain your festive lights this season. Take a look at our available Christmas decorations:

Festive lighting display inspiration

If you are looking to bring the Christmas magic to your high street, town city or shopping centre, we offer a range of exceptional products that will dazzle and delight, driving footfall and creating perfect settings for photographs and stories. Need inspiration? Take a look at our new Christmas lighting brochure.

What christmas lights do we supply and install?

Our commercial Christmas light product range has options to suit any location or budget, we work with local authorities, business improvement districts, charities and community groups to activate places with exceptional festive lighting. We provide Christmas lighting displays for retail and commercial estates as well as high streets, towns and cities.  We can supply, install and maintain a vast range of lighting products. 

We also supply state of the art, highly sustainable LED products and programmable solutions to create stunning festive showpieces.  Here are a few of our most popular commercial and town centre Christmas lights:

Light ceilings & curtains: Elevate your high street with our beautiful light ceilings & light curtains. These lights add a true sense of scale and depth to any location.    

Lamp column motifs: Elegant lamp post lighting will create a visual spectacle, lining streets with light, high in the sky. 

Building façade/architectural lighting: We can transform buildings into festive centerpieces, using clever architectural lighting. Large bespoke elements can be added such as messaging, bows, presents and other festive objects.

Tree and Christmas tree lighting: We can wrap and decorate real trees ready for Christmas, from trunk lighting to complete displays.  We can also provide high quality Christmas trees fit for commercial indoor and outdoor use.

Creative, design-led illuminations: These are designed to add a unique and artistic touch to your holiday décor, enhancing the festive spirit.

Bespoke cross-street lighting and lettering: Make a real statement with unique cross street lighting.  We can also supply and install a range of traditional cross-street festive lighting products including wreaths, garlands and bows.  We can also produce bespoke lettering to put your town or shopping centre on the map! 

Ground features: Illuminated ground features come in many shapes and sizes.  The most popular options are archways, presents and giant Christmas trees.  These provide a real focal point and plenty of fun for families, friends and visitors. 

Lighting Beyond Christmas

Our lighting experts can provide high quality displays  throughout the year.  From religious and cultural festivals like Valentines Day, Ramadan, Diwali and Halloween.  Our team make every occasion truly special, completely “Instagramable” and wonderfully memorable.

decorative Ramadan lighting installation

Why Choose Field and Lawn for Your Commercial Christmas Lights?

With over 700 successful lighting schemes under our belt, Field and Lawn are one of the most experienced contractors in the UK, delivering high profile schemes across London and beyond.  Our expertise in commercial and town centre festive lighting means we can bring any idea to reality. Working in collaboration with you, your stake holders and budget to create magic, in the air.

Sustainability is fundamental to our approach and we are proud to be certified as carbon neutral.  We are constantly innovating to improve sustainability and our products are some of the best in the business in terms of energy performance and sustainability. 

Our dedicated in-house delivery team ensures a seamless, efficient process from start to finish, making the journey from concept to breathtaking display effortless.  If you have the lighting and need a competent contractor to support you with Christmas light installation, 

We can offer full turn-key service from concept to aftercare and maintenance. Safety and excellence is our driving principle. Our team of competent and qualified professionals means every installation is safe and efficient, exceeding the highest industry standards.

We conduct nightly display checks to ensure that your lighting remains flawless throughout the festive period. With local branches across the UK, we can create bespoke displays, tailored to your location and audience.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Embrace the festive spirit and make Christmas unforgettable with Field and Lawn:

Watch the video here!

Inside Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Buildings
fast on-site storage solutions

In the world of storage solutions, temporary warehouse buildings stand out as fast and flexible structures.  They offer a wide range of high quality on-site space solutions for a variety of warehousing needs. From temporary warehouses that give you extra capacity, through to warehouse loading bays, they provide cost-effective solutions for warehouse, freight and logistic companies.

As we look ahead to the busy festive period, the freight, distribution and logistics sector will see peaks in storage and space requirements in quarter four and beyond.  In our latest blog, we will take you inside temporary warehouse, giving you the chance to see first hand how durable and high quality they are and how they can support your business.  Including the array of bespoke options that can customise your warehouse.

High quality, flexible structures. installed in days.

An elevated view of temporary warehouse buildings in insulated cladding

Temporary structures, often referred to as temporary storage buildings or temporary warehouse buildings, offer a range of benefits that simply can’t be achieved with a traditional building.  Temporary structures, despite the name, are built to last.  Using strong, industrial grade materials, they are precisely manufactured off-site and engineered precise wind and weather loading calculations, based on the location of the structure.  

They are modular structures, which means we can install the temporary building in standard components in a matter of days, without disruption or downtime on your site.   So, if you need a temporary storage building, you can have the extra capacity in place within weeks, rather than months, or even years, compared to selecting a traditional “permanent” structure.  You don’t need to compromise on quality…

Inside a warehouse structure

When people think of a temporary warehouse solution, or prefabricated warehouse structure, they may be perceived as short term structures.  That is not the case with a Field and Lawn Structure.  Production technology has advanced and the quality standards that are achievable through our advanced manufacturing techniques is exceptional. 

Complete flexibility with temporary warehouse structures

Temporary warehouse buildings,  offer the agility to adapt to changing storage and space needs. Their versatility means they can support peaks in demand, providing short-term storage solutions, as they can be rented and returned.  They’re equally equipped to function seamlessly for extended periods, with a lifespan in excess of 20 years. They can be specified to very high quality standards, with fully insulated options, a range of door and access solutions and full heating, cooling and lighting packages available.

Types of temporary storage structures

Temporary Storage Buildings

These structures, sometimes referred to as storage buildings, provide the ideal solution when additional space is needed urgently. Whether it’s for seasonal goods, stock or accommodating specific projects, temporary storage buildings have got you covered.  They can include a variety of access options and doors, from pedestrian doors to large roller shutter doors, suitable for forklifts, vehicles and plant.

Temporary warehouse buildings with large access doors

insulated temporary Buildings

Insulated temporary buildings provide high quality temperature regulation, crucial for industries dealing with sensitive goods or materials, even chilled or frozen goods.  Due to high levels of insulation they are comfortable for staff and energy efficient.  Insulation can be within the cladding, typically between 60mm – 120mm and within the roof.  Roof insulation is typically achieved by inflating the roof to provide the insulation pocket.  Insulated temporary buildings maintain a controlled environment, protecting your stock from adverse weather conditions.

Industrial Warehouses and steel structuires 

If you need a temporary storage solution, an industrial warehouse with steel cladding is a cost effective way to meet immediate storage needs for many industrial uses. When durability and longevity are paramount, steel-sided temporary warehouse buildings offer a robust solution. They ensure the safety and security of your stored goods, making them a preferred choice for many warehouse and storage companies.  

Expand your storage space with a temporary warehouse

So, what can you use a temporary warehouse building for? Temporary warehouse buildings accommodate a wide range of goods, from raw materials to finished products, offering a versatile solution for various industries.  Our insulated structures even provide the space for chilled storage due to their exceptional thermal performance. 

Sometimes, especially at peak periods or after securing additional contracts, existing storage space is at capacity. Temporary warehouse buildings provide that much-needed additional space to store excess inventory or handle sudden upticks in production, very quikcly.  We can install a storage building in days!  As a cost-effective alternative to permanent structures, these solutions provide essential storage without the complexities of planning permission or long-term commitments.

Welcome to the future of storage

Temporary warehouse buildings enable your business to get extra space quickly.  Our storage solutions offer a blend of flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability. As businesses evolve and storage needs shift, these structures ensure you’re well-prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Explore the world of temporary warehouse buildings and unlock the potential for a more flexible and efficient storage strategy! 

Design your new warehouse building online

When you choose us for your temporary building, we include design drawings and structural calculations as standard.  Temporary warehouse buildings are only limited by how much space you have! Building widths (or spans) are generally 10m, 15m and 20m.  A range of eave heights can be achieved by using different leg heights. Length is increased in 5m bay increments. 

Use our free interactive building configurator to design your building and start your warehouse quote…