Temporary counting facilities installed for Ealing Council

essential election infrastructure for the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections

WhoEaling Council (London Borough of Ealing) 

Where – Ealing

Size – 3,750 sqm

Use – Election Infrastructure

Over a year in planning, Field and Lawn worked alongside the client to provide one of the largest temporary counting facilities in the South for the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections.

Gable of temporary counting facility for london elections


We were asked by a long-standing client about the possibility of expanding their counting capacity for the local election counts in May. This year, the client had been asked to count votes from neighbouring boroughs and required significantly more space. The client required our support and expertise to secure a licence for the challenging build and a bespoke solution to accommodate 800 staff.


Our Project Manager worked with the client to undertake site visits to establish a suitable location. Following this, a bespoke marquee layout was agreed for the temporary counting facilities, with two main structures proposed, measuring 25m x 85m and 20m x 70m. The event marquees were completed with cassette flooring, bespoke ramps, and a full HVAC system.

We had to carefully plan every element of the build programme, working under a strict licencing agreement and curfews due to working in a public park. Detailed logistical plans together with 3D visuals were created and agreed with the client. We also mitigated risks to surrounding trees and their canopies. Finally, we condensed the programme into a five-day window and kept in constant dialogue with local community to minimise disruption.

Even though we had a limited build time and were working in a complex open public park, the marquees were ready to handover to the client well before the deadline.


  • Full HVAC 
  • Internal and external lighting  
  • Glazed pedestrian doors with push bar opening
  • Internal partitioning
  • Access ramps
  • Entrance canopy
  • Event trackway

Event Power

We were also responsible for providing heating, using four 150kw and four 235kw heaters with overhead ducting providing an efficient and effective heating solution.


Groundbreaking marine safety event

innovative marquee solutions to provide space for a range of applications

WhoProfessional Diving Academy

Where – Dunoon, Scotland

Size – 580m2

  • 20m x 20m main structure
  • 3m x 6m break out area
  • 6m x 9m event briefing zone
  • 6m x 18m reception and catering space


The structures were required for a marine safety training conference. This event has been many years in the making, bringing together global experts in Dunoon, Scotland for a unique conference on deep water marine safety.


Field and Lawn were tasked with creating an innovative marquee solution to provide space for a range of applications during the five day event.  The scope of the marine safety event was broad, requiring flexible marquee space for:

  • Bespoke training and simulation
  • Showcasing and exhibiting products
  • Networking and hospitality

One of the biggest challenges was accommodating a large, raised diving bell, which was approximately 6m high. The bell was the centrepiece for the training exercises. 

The location provided its own set of challenges, Dunoon sits on the remote and exposed west coast of Scotland. With this, came transport and weather considerations.  To mitigate the risk of adverse weather affecting the structure, we installed a dual pinning and weighing solution to secure the marquee safely.

Finally, the rapid turn-around time added to the challenge.  We were tasked with designing the structure, project managing the fit out and installing within two weeks from initial contact.

marine safety equipment in a field & Lawn marquee


A dedicated Project Manager was assigned to ensure we met the client deadlines and delivered an exemplary experience. 

A 20m x 20m clearspan structure was provided, sitting on a 3m leg to provide an eave height of 6.5m.  The eave height was critical and precisely designed to accommodate the raised platform and diving bell.  The structure was built around the platform adding complexity to the build.  Within the main structure, additional marquees were provided to wrap around the main event space.  This solution delivered the required clear zones to make the event a success.  

interior of marquee installed by field & Lawn

Specification & Service

  • Planning, design and project management
  • Level floor, carpet and lining to interior marquees
  • House and emergency lighting
  • Power generation and fuel management
  • Power distribution and cabling
  • Heating
  • Toilet facilities


Temporary fan zone marquees

Enhance spectator experience with bespoke marquee solutions

When it comes to creating an unforgettable experience for sports fans, fan zones play a pivotal role. They provide an ideal setting for fans to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a major sporting event. Fan zones can be used for a wide range of sporting events including football and rugby. In this article, we explore fan zones, their advantages, and the crucial role of clearspan marquees in creating an unforgettable fan experience.

Bar in a fan zone at sporting event

What are Fan zones

Fan zones allow sports fans to experience the atmosphere of your event from outside the stadium, often in a public space where the event can be broadcast live, so everyone is part of the action. Providing safe spaces for supporters to watch your event can build a sense of community and enhance fan experience on the day.

Implementing fan zones at your event means spectators can engage with their favourite sports teams. Consequently, they often spend more time at the ground before and after the match. This creates an opportunity for venues to generate further revenue during a sporting event by selling food, drinks and merchandise. Alternatively, a fan zone can be created away from the stadium in a market square or large park. This is a good solution for European football competitions or major events like the Olympics.

Fan zone structures

Clearspan marquees:

As one of the most popular types of event marquees, our clearspan structures provide the perfect solution for tailoring your Fan zone experience. Their spacious interiors, flexible design, and practical features make them ideal for creating impressive and functional large event spaces. Working around your available space and event requirements, Field & Lawn can install our clearspan marquees on any surface, tailoring the structures to your needs.

Specification options:

You can customise your setup with a range of finishes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our marquees, creating an immersive environment that matches the atmosphere of the stadium. Our marquees are also compatible with various technical storage requirements, such as sound systems, lighting rigs, and AV equipment, so you will have everything you need to broadcast your sporting event should you want to include a large screen in your fanzone.

Fan zone marquee outside sports stadium installed by Field & Lawn

Where can you install a fan zone?

Our teams of expert marquee riggers are experienced at designing and installing event infrastructure for large venues, including a long-standing partnership with Murrayfield Stadium. Furthermore, our event marquees can be installed on virtually any surface, so your options for location and layout are practically unlimited.

When installing a fan zone, it’s crucial to think about the location in order to maximise the experience for your fans. You might want to consider the following:

Accessibility: Does the fan zone have clear entrance and exit points? Ensure clear entrance and exit points for fans to easily access the area.

Space: What size is the area do you have available? Determine the size of the space you have available and plan accordingly to accommodate your expected crowd size.

Layout: If there are going to be large crowds in the area, it’s important to allow for the flow of visitors to avoid queues. At Field and Lawn, we can help you design the optimal layout for your fan zone, allowing you to best utilise the space you have.

Barriers for crowd control in a fan zone outside a stadium

Additional event infrastructure

Our clearspan marquees have a multitude of uses and can even help with additional event infrastructure in your fan zone. Looking for additional structures for your venue? Field & Lawn can also provide:

Bar structures: Bars are crucial element of any fan zone, clearspan marquees can house dedicated bar structures. These marquees provide fans with refreshments including food and drink, creating a comfortable and inviting space to socialise.

First aid and security: At every event, safety comes first. With the right infrastructure in place to guarantee that first aid is quickly accessible to everyone in the fan zone, clearpan marquees provide an excellent means of ensuring the safety and well-being of guests.

Ticket checks: Clearspan marquees can be installed as ticketing points throughout your venue. These stations streamline the process of verifying match tickets and managing crowd flow, ensuring only authorised individuals gain entry to your event. This helps maintain order and enhances overall safety and security

Placemaking and branding

To create a memorable fan zone, consider incorporating branding and placemaking elements such as flags, banners, and illuminations. These additions can enhance the atmosphere and create a visually appealing environment that resonates with your audience. At Field & Lawn, we offer a wide range of sports-themed placemaking solutions. Why not take a closer look at our sports collection here?

Temporary event marquees for fan zones offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with sports fans and provide them with an unforgettable experience. By utilising clearspan marquees and considering the placement, layout, and additional infrastructure, you can create a vibrant and welcoming fan zone that keeps fans coming back for more. Let Field & Lawn help you design and install the perfect fan zone for your next sporting event!

How can shopping centres and high streets capitalise on summer sporting events?

pLACEMAKING for major summer sporting events

Major summer sporting events inspire excitement across the country, these events offer retailers, shopping centres and high streets significant opportunities to drive consumer spending. This year there are two major global sporting events that will be the highlight of the sporting calendar year for many people.  

This summer will provide a packed calendar of world class sporting events.  Firstly EURO 2024 which will be hosted in Germany.  The tournament is scheduled to take place between 14 June to the 14 July 2024. The group stage runs until 26 June, with the knockout stage beginning on 29 June. 

The following month, the Olympic Games in Paris will capture the world’s attention between the 26th July 2024 and 11th August 2024. The Paralympic games, closely follows, starting on the 28th August, running to the  8th September 2024.

As these landmark events are hosted in Europe, the favourable time difference will mean some massive placemaking and city dressing opportunities.  Our team of creatives have brought together some ideas to inspire.  Read on to find out how you can get involved in the action!

Spruce up your shopping centre for summer sporting events

Fill open spaces with giant footballs which can be ceiling mounted or ground mounted.  Using different heights will create a real spectacle.  We can design and manufacture bespoke colours or include your shopping centre branding.  Ground mounted inflatables can also make a fun, family friendly shopping centre feature.  We can also manufacture bespoke illuminated football features, from balls, to boots, club and country crests and everything in between.

High streets and town centres

If you are looking to brighten up your high streets and support our athletes and Lions over summer.  Illuminated ground mounted features and selfie spots are a perfect option.  How about giant shimmering medals or sport features like illuminated athletes, cyclists and large trophies. While most events will be anticipated, we know that cycling and athletics are one of the most eagerly awaited Olympic sports.  Our range reflects the most popular events:

Animated feautures

We can also provide animated features that will capture the energy of the occasion!  Take a look at this example…

Who topped the medal table in Tokyo?

You may have seen the golden letter boxes from the London Olympic Games.  If your town has medal hopefuls, you can support them every step of the way with bespoke flags, or features.  Did you know that out of England’s nine regions, London saw the most medallists in Tokyo, with 17 athletes out of the 52 who went to Tokyo. The North West (16 medallists) and the South East (15 medallist) closely followed.

Fan zones and spectator parks

Field and Lawn also supply large, clearspan marquees and event structures.  These make ideal temporary fanzones and bar structures for outdoor events.  One way to bring people together is to create a fanzone.  If you are planning on screening the action, or simply need more covered space for your bar, a large open plan marquee can quickly increase your capacity. Our fanzone marquees can be installed on any surface and completed with bespoke branding.

Health, wellbeing and economic benefits

Major sporting events bring many benefits, following both events, it is anticipated that engagement in sport will increase.  You can inspire your high street to get active and improve their health and wellbeing.  In addition, spending is also likely to increase so attracting fans to get out to watch and enjoy these mega-events is crucial. 

Discuss your ideas with us

We love helping people bring their vision to life or working with clients to create a unique placemaking activation.  We will bring design flair, expert installation knowledge and passion to help you achieve your goals and take home placemaking gold!

Traditional Pole Marquees vs Clearspan Event Structures

Why choose a modern clearspan marquee?

At Field & Lawn, we’re the marquee hire specialists. We understand choosing the right structure for your event is essential. While traditional pole marquees are often a popular choice for many event organisers due to their distinctive style and the atmosphere they create, they do have some drawbacks.

We asked one of our experienced project managers, Dan Acford, about the pros and cons of each structure to get an expert opinion. Having delivered marquees for many high-profile events such as Glastonbury and WOMAD Festivals, Dan is an expert in the events industry and a seasoned professional. Continue reading to hear what he had to say:

A branded gable marquee at an agricultural show

First, what are the differences between the marquees?

A clearspan marquee is an aluminum-framed structure. They have no supporting centre poles, providing a clear internal space. Usually, they have flat gable ends, allowing these structures to be installed in bays, creating large event structures.

They are generally rectangular in shape with flat walls made of a durable PCV. One of the key differences is that the walls on a clearspan marquee can be swapped out to provide window walls or even solid walls.  This gives a good level of customisation for various events and applications.

A traditional marquee, or pole marquee uses supports in the structure to provide stability. This can impact the functionality of the space inside.  They are made of canvas rather than a more contemporary and durable PVC that you will find on a modern clearspan marquee.

Installation considerations

A traditional marquee can only be installed on grass or gravel as they do require guy ropes for structural support. This also means the footprint of the tent is greater than the actual usable space due to the additional area required for guy ropes. In comparison, a clearspan marquee can be installed on most surfaces, including hard surfaces by using ballast weights, and grass.

For example, if you are looking to install a traditional marquee at a stately home, this may damage the grass and may not even be possible if the venue has a grade listing or underground services. 

With a clearspan marquee, a level finish can be achieved, even on sloping sites with integrated flooring.  This is much harder to achieve with a traditional pole marquee as integrated flooring options are very limited.

Election marquee hire from field & Lawn marquee experts

Visual appeal

The visual appeal of a traditional pole marquee is one of the many reasons organisers often opt for installing this type of structure. They can create a vintage and rustic feel. There is no doubt that they can look fantastic on festival sites.

However, traditional structures tend to be older.  Sometimes, because of this, the structures do show their age more. 

They require additional maintenance and cleaning to keep them in tip-top condition. In addition, traditional structures are prone to needing repairs and are more likely to become damaged due to the more complicated and manual installation process.

When hiring a traditional marquee, keep in mind they are harder to wash and keep clean. Therefore, if a perfect, clean and fresh finish is important, you will need to carefully inspect the marquee before installation.

By comparison, clearspan marquees can be easily machine-cleaned and all our branches have specialist cleaning equipment to ensure that kit arrives clean, smells fresh and looks pristine.

All of our clearspan marquees are on a 3-year PVC renewal schedule, meaning you can be sure your marquee is spotless and ready for your event.

Customisation options

If you require a bespoke design or fit-out for your marquee, a clearspan structure from Field & Lawn allows you to have complete customisability. We can add a range of flooring and lining options, from carpets to vinyl and cassette flooring, creating a completely unique atmosphere.

If you want to create a themed marquee, a scaffolding frame can be created to sit around the clearspan marquee, this allows you to add signage, branding and graphics around the structure.  Alternatively, bespoke branding can be printed directly onto the gable of a clearspan marquee.

You are more limited in a traditional pole marquee as there are no additional options such as flooring, doors, clear roofs or gables. This makes the structures much harder to customise.

Inside the La-di-da Loos at WOMAD Festival

Health and Safety

Whether you choose to install a clearspan or traditional marquee, following correct health and safety procedures is paramount. Due to the weight of the canvas sides used on a traditional pole tent, there are additional safety concerns associated with installing them. Traditional marquees tend to be heavier to hoist and harder to install when compared to our lighter clearspan structures.

There is also the complication of lower wind ratings for traditional marquees, which can pose a serious problem in the UK. Traditional marquees are less resilient to poor weather conditions and can be susceptible to damage or failure in high winds. Clearspan marquees stand up much better to high winds and typical British weather!

Whatever structure you choose, health and safety is our number one priority. Our team will supply all the risk assessments and method statements before the build begins.

Our experts are the best in the business at installing and removing marquees, working closely with event organisers to co-ordinate vehicle deliveries, health and safety management and build schedules.

So, what should you choose?

To summarise, every outdoor event is different and if you want to create a charming rustic feel for your event, a traditional pole marquee will look fantastic.  However, if safety, customisation and high-quality fit-out are important, a clearspan event marquee is probably your best option.

Field & Lawn supplies high-quality premium event marquees for major events with national coverage. Long-term hire or short-term rental, our team are here to discuss your options at one of our local branches. Get your event underway today with Field & Lawn.

Halloween illuminations for high streets and shopping centres

Create a spectacle and BOO-st footfall this Halloween season

Our festive lighting experts can turn any event or occasion into a spectacular and immersive experience.  This year, Halloween falls on Thursday 31st October and it promises to be an important part of the retail calendar.  With this in mind, our creative team have curated a range of commercial Halloween illuminations to entice shoppers during the season.

Spooky and spectacular selfie spots

Selfie spots are fun and engaging features that frame a photo.  They are ideal for large shopping centres to create memorable experiences.  Shoppers can engage with the features and take photos with friends and family. Our Halloween selfie spots feature themed decorations, and lighting effects adding excitement and fun to the shopping experience. We can even include your brand into the features for additional marketing reach and engagement.

Indoor Commercial Halloween Illuminations

Captivate shoppers with creativity! Our experts can transform your space into a Halloween wonderland. Our commercial Halloween illuminations are designed specifically for maximum impact indoors featuring foils, reflective elements and sustainable lighting that will glow throughout the day. How about a 1.8m high illuminated Frankenstein or a bubbling green witches cauldron.

Witch and couldron lighting installations

Outdoor Halloween lighting for shopping centres

If you have an outdoor space you need to transform for Halloween, we provide large scale installations. A collection of ground mounted features will create a real spooky spectacle. If you have a small courtyard to dress, we can tailor a bespoke solution no matter the space.

Halloween lighting trails

You can create a vibrant atmosphere with a festive lighting trail. Combine a range of products from tree lighting, high level mounted illuminations and large ground features to create an immersive, themed Halloween journey. Our experts can work with you to design a lighting trail that will delight from dawn to dusk, indoors or outside.

Spider halloween lighting trail

A complete solution

Field and Lawn are experts in festive lighting and placemaking installations. We design, manufacture, install and maintain, giving you a complete turnkey solution.  A dedicated Project Manager will oversee all aspects of your scheme from initial site surveys, to logistical planning, infrastructure requirements. 

Health and safety is a key priority and all design and installation operations are carefully planned and monitored. Our experienced, in-house installation teams will ensure the delivery of the display safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption to you.

Six Nations Success at Murrayfield

Hospitality marquee hire elevated with a fresh collaboration

Field and Lawn, together with GL events UK have delivered a world-class hospitality village for the Six Nations tests at Scottish Gas Murrayfield.

Field and Lawn have provided event marquees to Murrayfield Stadium for over 20 years. Every year the focus has been on improving the guest experience, but this year the client wanted to elevate their hospitality offer even further.

We teamed up with GL events UK to deliver a completely refreshed layout. This created a better visitor flow, enhanced branding and improved back of house logistics.

A complete event infrastructure solution

Overview drone shot of temporary event structure installed at Murrayfield

The impressive set-up saw over 5,500m2 of marquee space installed in a tight area in the stadium curtilage. The build comprised 14 bespoke marquees including small bar structures, kitchens and toilets ranging from 3m to 20m span. The expansive hospitality suites ranged in size between 10m x 20m up to the largest 20m x 105m structure. This suite catered for a total of 2700 guests, complete with modern curved roofs and elegant linings designed for high-end corporate hospitality.


Working closely with the operational team at GL events, Field and Lawn developed a range of options. This included photo real CAD renders which were presented to the client, Elior. This included detailed site plans to demonstrate how the village would look and feel for visitors.

CAD drawing of Murrayfield Structure
Murrayfiled Drone shot of structure supplied by Field & Lawn

Once the final designs were approved, in-house, expert installation teams from both Field and Lawn and GL events UK worked as a unified team to build the village. The exceptional teamwork enabled us to complete the build safely within a tight 4-week build programme, ready for the first game in February.


One of the biggest challenges was working during significant adverse weather. We experienced a typical Scottish cold snap, temperatures dropped to as low as –7 °C while our crew were working. Despite the weather outside, we maintained a temperature of 16 °C within the structures for 5 weeks. This was achieved by 4 large boilers supplying heat to 50 nykuu units across the structures. This ensured our crew kept warm and all equipment within the marquee remained undamaged.

On top of this, storms Isha & Jocelyn showed wind gusts of up to 81mph which has a significant impact on our kit and the safety of our crew. To navigate these obstacles, we were in constant contact with our client and site crew, ensuring we followed the agreed weather management plans.

We ensured the safety of all suppliers on site was the main priority, providing daily briefings to highlight any hazards created by the weather. Our Solar Welfare unit was on site throughout the build to provide a drying area for our site crew and plenty of tea & coffee!

Field and Lawn have branches across the UK which enables us to provide a responsive service. Regular safety checks were conducted by our local branch in Edinburgh, which is based just 11 miles from Murrayfield.

Murrayfield External shot of structure

Supply chain partners

This project utilised a range of experienced and trusted supply chain partners for key packages at Murrayfield, including heating, joinery, toilet hire and tack-off lining. All suppliers we contracted with worked to the same high standard that we pride ourselves on. They all contributed hugely to the final product.


Structuring Success: Behind the scenes at Womad Festival

from field to festival in 80 marquees!

Womad Festival is an annual cultural festival, showcasing music, arts and dance from around the world, held at the picturesque Charlton Park Estate. This large-scale event features a wide range of activities, including music performances, workshops, and learning zones. The festival grounds host a range of structures, from dressing rooms and catering areas to children’s workshops and luxury facilities.

On the ground:

Womad Festival required a diverse range of marquees and structures for both front and back-of-house operations. Services such as carpeting, ramps, linings, cassette flooring, and banner rails were also provided. The build program spanned three weeks and involved a daily team of 12 in-house riggers.

A range of festival marquees supplied by Field and Lawn at Womad Festival

What was provided:

The team at Field and Lawn worked with event organisers to tailor marquee services to accommodate the varied needs of the event. This year, our event marquees team supplied a total of 80 temporary structures for the festival. These marquees ranged in size from 3m x 3m conical marquees to large 12m x 35m clearspan structures. Marquees were allocated for production, hospitality, infrastructure, and various activities.

As part of supplying these structures, our team was responsible for the delivery and Installation of each marquee. The entire festival site was covered with marquees delivered, installed, and later dismantled by our dedicated in-house crews. This setup included both conical marquees and clearspan structures.

Responsive repair and maintenance services were offered throughout the festival to ensure the seamless operation of all structures. Our team was on hand 24 hours a day to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Bespoke marquee solutions:

At Womad festival, the Field & Lawn team showcased expertise by installing a diverse range of structures to cater to various event needs. The Crew Catering Marquee, a spacious 12m x 30m clearspan structure, featured a cassette floor, catering section, lining partition, charcoal carpet, ramps, and a portal beam—ensuring the crew’s comfort and efficiency.

For the younger attendees, two 12m x 25m clearspan marquees were dedicated to hosting creative and educational workshops in a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Entertainment at the festival didn’t end there, specialised treatment rooms provided a relaxing space for massages, while the Physics Pavilion Marquee, measuring 10m x 20m, provided a dedicated area for scientific exploration.

The festival also prioritised the performers, providing three artist dressing rooms in different sizes (6m x 18m, 6m x 18m, 6m x 12m) to accommodate their pre-show preparations.

Merchandise and water stations found their place under a 5m x 5m and a 6m x 6m conical marquee, while the Showering and Changing Marquees, featured non-slip flooring and adjustable legs. Each of these amenities was thoughtfully installed to allow a seamless experience, enhancing the festival’s accessibility and convenience.

The luxurious touch extended to the La-di-da Loos a 10m x 15m lined marquee with clear panels, accompanied by a 3m x 3m conical structure offering a lavish restroom experience.

Oxfam marquee at WOMAD Festival

The finished result!

The provision of a wide array of marquee structures and related services by the event marquee team played a crucial role in ensuring the success and smooth operation of the Womad Festival, offering a comfortable and functional environment for artists, crew, and visitors alike.

Organising your festival or event and need bespoke marquee solutions? Field & Lawn has over 35 years of experience installing marquees for some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals. Speak to our team today and start putting plans in place!

Edgware Road welcomes first-ever Ramadan light display

Illuminating nutford place this Ramadan

Marble Arch London BID, in partnership with Field & Lawn and The Portman Estate, have brought the first Ramadan light display to Edgware Road, installing an illuminated crescent moon ground mounted selfie spot at Nutford Place which will be in place until Wednesday 10 April.

The bespoke 2.9m tall light installation is a majestic walk-through experience, adorned with warm white LED lights and elegant gold insets. Emblazoned with the heartfelt message “Ramadan Mubarak,” symbolising blessings and goodwill. The display runs throughout Ramadan and will be illuminated each day between 6am-11pm.

It is the latest public installation by Marble Arch London BID who fund Christmas lights on Edgware Road each year. It;s not the first time Field and Lawn have collaborated with Marble Arch London BID.  In 2023, we brought a 16ft bespoke illuminated replica of the St Edward’s Crown to Marble Arch which attracted thousands of visitors to the area over King Charles III’s Coronation weekend.

Building on the success of London’s Ramadan lights in Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, the Nutford Place display marks a milestone as the first Ramadan lights on Edgware Road, where so many people flock as they break their fast daily or celebrate Eid al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan.

Ramadan lighting display installed by field and lawn

We are so pleased to bring Ramadan lights to Edgware Road for the first time through this new display at Nutford Place. We hope that people from across London visit the installation over the next month while enjoying the fantastic array of restaurants and cafés we have on offer across the district.

Ramadan, observed worldwide, is a time of spiritual reflection, fasting, prayer and community gatherings. Along Edgware Road, from Marble Arch to the Marylebone Flyover families and friends come together in celebration.

The fasting period takes place from dawn until sunset, known as suhoor and iftar respectively. During suhoor, which commences with the morning prayer (fajr), many Muslims focus on consuming nutritious foods to sustain them throughout the day. As the sun sets and iftar approaches, the fast is broken with a series of snacks followed by a wholesome meal, accompanied by refreshing beverages. Desserts are also an important part of the meal and tend to be rich and sweet.

The vibrant Edgware Road is bursting with cafés, shops, and restaurants, selling traditional foods from Lebanese and Turkish cuisine to Iraqi, Egyptian and Indian fare. The gastronomic offerings are as diverse as they are delicious and have long been a draw for communities observing Ramadan.

Crescent moon Ramadan lighting display ground feature
Photography by Marble Arch BID

Westminster City Council’s support for a Ramadan light display on Edgware Road is a powerful symbol of its commitment to celebrating the togetherness of our diverse community and welcoming multi-faith cultures within the borough. Having Ramadan lights on Edgware Road, renowned for its Middle Eastern cuisine, is a great historic first for London. This initiative not only honours the significance of Ramadan for the Muslim community but also fosters inclusivity and understanding among all residents and visitors. Additionally, it has the potential to attract more people to the area and enhance the overall cultural vibrancy of Westminster.

Marble Arch London BID shines a light on its food and beverage operators year-round, with a comprehensive eating out guide, “A Taste of Marble Arch,” featuring over 100 restaurants and cafés including a special focus on the many eateries on Edgware Road as well as the best spots for sweet treats and desserts. The Marble Arch London app also serves as a valuable resource, highlighting local offers, discounts, and events from over 60 local businesses. Meanwhile, food tours showcase new opening and immersive masterclasses and demonstrations allow people to try out flavours from across the world.

As family and friends enjoy the rich culinary traditions of Ramadan along Edgware Road, they will be greeted by the illuminated crescent moon, which stands as a symbol of celebration and goodwill during this sacred month.

Marble Arch London BID marked the Ramadan light display with a photocall featuring Councillor Md Shamsed Chowdhury (left), lead member for Edgware Road, Aisha Desai (right), founder of Ramadan Lights, and members of the local business community.

Cllr Shamsed Chowdhury and Aisha Desai welcome Ramadan light display to Edgware
Cllr Chowdhury and Aisha Desai welcome the first Ramadan lights to Edgware Road – Photography by Marble Arch BID

When we started Ramadan Lights in 2020, our simple hope was to share the warmth and beauty of our faith with friends, family, and neighbours. Now, only four years later, the idea has grown beyond our wildest dreams, with Ramadan lights set to sparkle in Cologne, Oslo, Brisbane and across our great city of London. Edgware Road, with its rich diversity of cultures, is the perfect place for Ramadan lights. I salute Marble Arch London BID and The Portman Estate for celebrating with London's Muslim community.

Case Study: Hammersmith Shopping Centre Festive Lighting Display

Enhancing Hammersmith shopping centre

Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre is a prominent retail hub in the heart of West London. Boasting a diverse range of shops and services, the centre attracts a large and bustling crowd, particularly during the festive season.  It is also a key transport hub, brining additional traffic from the London underground tube station.  

This year our festive lighting team were challenged with designing and installing an elaborate lighting display including interactive ground features and a feature cone tree.

Train walkthrough ground feature at hammersmith shopping centre

Key Features of the Display

The shopping centre connects the famous Piccadilly and District Line Tube stations, so our team installed a 7m long walk-through festive feature which served as a captivating and thematic entrance to the Hammersmith tube station. Its intricate design not only welcomed visitors but also provided an immersive and enchanting experience right from the moment they entered the building.

Additionally, our team set to work installing a 6m internal illuminated cone tree. Its prominent and strategic placement ensured that it was a captivating focal point, drawing visitors into the shops and increasing footfall during the festive period. The remaining areas of the centre were dressed with enchanting light curtains and icicle lights. These covered 3 voids, various columns, and 8 external trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Adapting to a Demanding Environment

The project faced logistical challenges due to limited access points and the constant flow of crowds within the shopping centre during the build-up to Christmas. This meant that health and safety was a number one priority during installation. Navigating these obstacles required meticulous planning and co-ordination from our team. Throughout the project the team implemented strategies to work efficiently amidst the busy environment, ensuring safety protocols were maintained while executing the display perfectly.

Internal Christmas tree at hammersmith shopping centre

Execution and Innovation

Despite the challenges, the team’s dedication and expertise resulted in the successful execution of the display. The attention to detail in crafting the train walk-through, and the precise placement of light curtains and icicle lights showcased both creativity and technical proficiency.

Field & Lawn’s Festive Lighting teams are always working hard to create innovative festive displays, which is why this year’s thematic ground features, especially the train walk-through, offered an interactive and memorable experience, captivating visitors.

To make the display even more magical the installation teams made use of energy-efficient lighting solutions to ensure a visually stunning display while maintaining environmental consciousness.

Another successful festive lighting installation

The collaboration between the installation team and the Hammersmith Shopping Centre resulted in a captivating and memorable festive lighting display. Overcoming challenges such as access limitations and crowded spaces, the team successfully delivered an enchanting display that welcomed visitors and enhanced their shopping experience during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to install a new Festive Lighting display this year, why not contact our team and start planning your installation today?

Sunderland Festival of Light

Delivering a themed winter lighting trail in Mowbray park

The Sunderland Festival of Light illuminated the dark nights in Sunderland during autumn, casting a magical glow over the city. The Field & Lawn Festive Lighting team delivered a stunning lighting installation in Mowbray Park. The main attractions this year included a breathtaking tunnel of light and many unique and family friendly selfie spots.

The journey to this spellbinding lighting display began with a close collaboration between our expert Festive Lighting team and Sunderland City Council. Together, we embarked on a mission to create a visual wonderland that would captivate visitors to the festival.

Flower arch at Sunderland Festival of Light

Selecting a theme

Concept designs were created, and bespoke illuminations fabricated from conceptual drawings. A crucial part of this process was selecting a variety of different themes for the lighting trails at the event. Among those chosen was a fairyland theme. Our team put their creativity to work, crafting a magical fairy trail that leads visitors through an atmospheric woodland glade.

The path takes festival-goers on an enchanting journey, leading to an illuminated fairy door that provides colour-changing lights and an immersive atmosphere. This was a highlight of the festival, grabbing the attention of visitors young and old.

In addition to the magical Fairyland theme, the Field & Lawn Festive Lighting team were able to provide a wide array of installations that lit up the grounds at Mowbray Park.

What did we supply?

The team were able to provide a wide array of installations that lit up the grounds at Mowbray Park. All of our lighting features have been supplied on a one-year hire basis. This ensures that the festival will be a one-off experience, keeping the display fresh and exciting year on year. 

Among the stunning products we’ve introduced are a 3D Walrus, and two spectacular 20m tunnels of light that grace the bridge connecting the two sections of the park. Our installation teams have expert knowledge of how each piece we supply fits together enabling an effective installation process.

Other ground mounted light features included floating flowers, swans by the lake, arched walkways, including a beautiful tulip archway. A 3m flower globe provided a fun and engaging walk through experience. The magical theme of the lighting trail continued with floating fairies, toadstools, butterflies and other friendly forest animals.

Light tunnel at Sunderland Festival of Light

Successful project delivery

The project didn’t come without its challenges, and the team had to work quickly in order to get everything delivered in time for the installation. Despite facing tight deadlines and logistical complexities, the team’s dedication to making a great event was clear as they overcame each obstacle.

With a dedicated project manager on site to co-ordinate and liaise with other contractors and stakeholders the installation ran smoothly. Thanks to the team’s hard work and a true collaborative approach with the client, the event was a huge success.

Field and Lawn: Two Decades of Excellence at the Royal Highland Show

Trusted event Marquee Partner for the Royal Highland Show

As a leading supplier of event marquees across Scotland, Field and Lawn has played an integral role in supplying event infrastructure to the Royal Highland Show for more than two decades. The event attracts a staggering 217,000 visitors, solidifying its status as the largest agricultural show in the region.

What was provided?

Field and Lawn supplied a total of 45,000 square meters of marquee space across the site which was made up of over 40 large clearspan event marquees for the show and its exhibitors. As well as providing the structures our onsite teams also took responsibility for marquee delivery, installation, and dismantling across the extensive show site. Our in-house teams were on hand to carry out maintenance and responsive repairs throughout the month-long build program.

Meticulous Planning and Coordination

Working closely with show organisers, the Field & Lawn team developed and refined marquee placements, configurations, and specifications. This comprehensive approach included the provision and refinement of build programs, site plans, risk assessments, method statements, weather contingency plans, and emergency procedures. Regular weekly updates and client meetings ensured a seamless delivery of the contract.

Drone shots of Field & Lawn marquees at the Royal Highland Show

On The Ground Execution

Appointing a dedicated Senior Project Manager and Project Manager was essential to oversee the installation process on the ground. Prior to installation, all marquees underwent rigorous testing and checks, were thoroughly cleaned, and efficiently loaded using Field and Lawn’s own HGV fleet. A team of over 20 in-house marquee riggers worked tirelessly for four weeks, resulting in zero health and safety incidents.

John Deere Corporate event marquee at the Royal Highland Show supplied by Field & Lawn

Highlight Marquees

The event showcased a variety of marquees, each tailored to specific exhibitor needs. Notable structures included the impressive 30m x 20m Golden Shears clearspan structure, which hosted the World Sheep Shearing and Wool Handling Championships!

Other marquees featured include:

  • NFU Mutual: 20m x 25m clearspan with canopy & cassette floor
  • John Deere Corporate: 10m x 20m clearspan marquee
  • Cookery Marquee: 15m x 30m frame & 3m x 3m linked pagoda
  • Poultry Shedding: 12m x 30m clearspan structure
  • First Aid: 2no. 5m conical marquees
  • Veterinary / Animal Welfare: 3m x 3m conical marquee
  • Security Checkpoint: 12m x 10m clearspan marquee

The finished result!

Mark Currie, Director of Operations at the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, expressed gratitude for Field and Lawn’s contribution, stating, “Field and Lawn are world experts in their field, and we are grateful to have them as part of our team over the Royal Highland Show and across other events at the Royal Highland Centre.”

Field and Lawn’s successful involvement in the Royal Highland Show displays our commitment to quality and seamless event execution. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for large-scale event solutions why not contact our team today.