What to consider when hiring marquees for film & TV production

Lights, Camera, Marquees!

Hiring a marquee for filming is an ideal solution for on-location shoots. Our production marquees provide shelter and flexibility, they are indispensable in supporting TV and film production companies. However, choosing the right marquee for your film or TV production involves careful consideration of various factors. In this blog post, we’ll explore key aspects to keep in mind when hiring marquees for your next production!

Why install a marquee on set or location while you’re filming?

Marquees are incredibly versatile structures making them perfect for any aspect of film & TV production. We can supply marquees suitable for everything from sets at the forefront of filming to back of house structures for actors and production teams. This includes:

  • Makeup & wardrobe marquees – Designated areas for makeup, costume design and hair styling. Just add dressing tables and clothes rails for the perfect behind the scenes experience.
  • Canteen & crew catering space – Ensure your team remains fully fuelled with space for dining and catering. Our marquees provide a comfortable and functional space for both your team and your caterers.
  • Sets – Our marquees provide a blank canvas for any set. Whether you choose to build a set inside one of our marquees or use it in a scene itself our team can work with you to design a marquee that provides the perfect look and feel for your scene.
  • Green rooms – Marquees provide designated additional space to have a green room where actors, guests and crew can rest between filming. With additional heating and furniture rental from Field & Lawn, the space can be made perfectly comfortable and relaxing.
  • Production offices – Marquees can provide additional space to house production offices on site. Often production offices are required to help with the administrative tasks that come with managing a film production.
  • Storage space – There is understandably going to be a lot of equipment required on the set of your film or TV show. Installing a marquee on site ensures your equipment is protected from the elements remaining safe and dry.

Here are some of the top things to consider when hiring a clearspan marquee for your film or TV production:

Scale of your production:

One of the first considerations you’ll need to think about when hiring a marquee is its size. The size of the marquee will depend on the scale of your production and the space available at the filming location. Consider the number of crew members, equipment, and scenes that need to be accommodated within the marquee. It’s essential to take everything into consideration and ensure you have enough space for your operations. At Field & lawn we can supply a wide range of marquee sizes, from smaller marquees to larger marquees we can install a structure that fits your space perfectly.

Customisation Options:

Every film or TV production has its unique requirements. At Field & Lawn, we can offer a wide range of customisation options to meet the specific needs of your project. This includes a huge range of carpets, vinyl flooring and specialist surfaces, ABS solid sides and glass panels, lighting fixtures, HVAC solutions, furniture rental, interior tent linings, internal fit-out options, and equipment rental.

The flexibility to adapt the marquee to various uses such as hair and makeup tents or green room marquees enhances its functionality and ensures it seamlessly integrates with the creative vision of the production.

Marquees for BBC film & tv production
Marquee structure for BBC election coverage

Duration of Use:

It’s a good idea to consider the duration for which the marquee will be needed. Some productions may require a marquee for an extended period, while others may need it for specific scenes. At Field & Lawn, we can offer marquees for both short-term hire and long-term rental so you can choose stunning marquees that suits the needs of your production. No matter how long your filming schedule is.

Power Supply and Electrical Needs:

Consider the availability of power sources on-site and whether additional generators or power distribution units may be required. We provide a completely holistic solution at Field & Lawn meaning we can assess your needs and supply power distribution to your production including full lighting displays.

Green room & catering space in a marquee for film & TV production
Green room & catering space in a marquee for film & tv production

Aesthetics and layout of your marquee:

If the marquee is going to be used as part of a set, you will need to ensure that every detail of the interior and exterior of the marquee is fully aligned with the overall look and feel of the scenes. Some productions may also require branding or signage on the structure, at Field & Lawn we have a range of options such as bespoke gables and colour choices to make sure your marquee is fully branded to your requirements.

Typical specification of marquees for film and TV production

Capacity: 30 — 1000+ people
Dimensions: 3m — 30m wide
Flooring: Level, solid flooring

Using marquees for location filming allows production teams to take advantage of the adaptability, mobility, and cost efficiency that they provide. This ultimately contributes to a more efficient and dynamic filmmaking process.

If you’re looking for a marquee solution for your next film, why not contact our team for expert advice and guidance?

Gloucester Arcade: Sparkling Light Curtain

Another successful two-shift project at Gloucester Arcade

Our team have been hard at work this year installing a sparkling light curtain at Gloucester Arcade. As a result, they successfully transformed a central area of the shopping centre into a breathtaking festive display attracting shoppers from all over London. This two-shift project involved a morning installation team dedicated to setting up the tree and column wreaths, followed by two evening teams tasked with the intricate installation of a massive 7m wide and 70m long light curtain.

Morning Installation: Tree and Column Wreaths

Firstly, the project kicked off with a morning shift dedicated to installing key elements of the display – the grand tree and intricately designed column wreaths. Next, the team strategically placed the tree, ensuring it became the centrepiece of the entire installation. Simultaneously, column wreaths are carefully arranged, adding a touch of elegance and continuity to the overall design.

Evening Installation: The Grand Light Curtain

As the day transitioned into evening, the main installation began. Our teams started to install the light curtain which would become the focal point of the display. This visually striking element requires a high level of precision and teamwork. In order to cover the entire length of the central area, additional 6m wire crossing points are strategically positioned, allowing for a seamless and uniform display.

The two teams that worked during the evening shift carefully installed the curtain, ensuring it cascaded elegantly, creating a mesmerising effect. The central space was transformed into a captivating spectacle, attracting visitors and spreading holiday cheer.

Technical Considerations and Solutions

While executing a project of this magnitude, each aspect of the installation process needs to be carefully thought out to ensure structural stability. The primary challenge faced was ensuring the smooth integration of the 7m by 70m light curtain. The additional 6m wire crossing points were strategically positioned to overcome any potential technical hitches.

The coordination between the morning and evening teams played a crucial role in overcoming logistical challenges. Communication channels were streamlined to ensure the morning team’s insights and preparations were seamlessly transferred to the evening teams. This facilitated a cohesive installation process.

Health & Safety When working at Height

During any festive lighting installation, ensuring health and safety protocols are in place when working at height is paramount. Our team members undergo comprehensive training on the proper use of equipment to mitigate the risk of falls or injuries. Prior to any work, an assessment of the installation site is conducted to identify potential hazards and implement safety measures. It is imperative that all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee its effectiveness. Additionally, clear communication among team members is essential to coordinate movements and prevent accidents. By prioritising health and safety practices, our teams not only ensure their own well-being but also promote a successful and enjoyable festive lighting experience for all.

Spectacular Results and Visitor Impact

The meticulous planning, technical considerations, and collaborative efforts brought together a spectacular festive display at Gloucester Arcade that captivates visitors. The Sparkling Light Curtain transforms the central shopping area and has become a focal point for all visitors.

The success of this project not only lies in its visual appeal but also in the efficiency and coordination demonstrated by our project managers and installation teams. The grandeur of the display establishes the Light Curtain as a must see display this festive season!

Thinking of installing a similar display in 2024? Why not talk to our team about your next project?

Classic Elegance at Longridge House: Festive Lighting Case Study

An elegant and cohesive Festive display at longridge house

Longridge House in Manchester is home to large Selfridges and Marks & Spencer stores. The aim of this project was to infuse the shopping environment with the timeless charm of a traditional Christmas. Our festive lighting team were working to a specific design brief that called for a scheme featuring classic Christmas trees adorned in gold and silver.

The focal point of the design was the shopping space between the two prominent stores, emphasising the need for an elegant and cohesive scheme that would resonate with the brands and encourage footfall between the two stores.

Key features of the display

The heart of the display at Longridge House included traditional Christmas trees with classic gold and silver decorations. In particular, this attention to detail ensured a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic, aligning with the identity of Selfridges and Marks & Spencer.

In addition, central to the shopping space, a twinkling ceiling of light was installed, and festive dressings were added to the bridge link between the two stores.

Innovative Power Solutions

A challenge our team encountered was the absence of a ground-level power source at the site. In response, a creative solution was implemented using battery-operated twinkle lights for all the Christmas trees.

The warm glow from these lights not only provided a welcoming and festive atmosphere while showcasing an environmentally conscious approach. Additionally, this eliminated the need for extensive wiring or reliance on external power.

Execution and Attention to Detail

The success of the project hinged on the precise execution of the design brief. Our installation team paid careful attention to every aspect of the display. This ensured the Christmas trees were aligned with the traditional theme in order to create a sense of classic elegance.

The timeless design choices, coupled with the strategic placement of the twinkling ceiling of light and bridge link dressings, transformed the space into a must-see festive attraction. Shoppers were greeted with a warm and inviting environment, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, as one of the UK’s largest providers of festive and Christmas lighting, we work with BIDS, councils, shopping centres and more to spread Christmas cheer by installing and maintaining incredible displays. Is your retail business is looking for a new sustainable display for Christmas 2024? Why not get in touch with our team to find out how we could help.

Festive lighting at Telford: Celebrating 5 years of success

Five years of Breathtaking Festive displays

The Field & Lawn festive lighting team have successfully completed our Telford installation for the fifth year in a row! The team installed this years display over one day and two nights, in order to transform the landscape into a visually stunning holiday display featuring:

  • 25 trees dressed with snowfall drop lights
  • 11 bushes wrapped with string lights
  • A large igloo walkthrough ground feature
  • 2 internal Christmas trees with decorations
  • 27 meters of garland
  • A large 3D Christmas tree
  • 3 column wraps
  • 20 star window decorations
Christmas tree festive lighting at Telford
Hanging star festive lighting decorations at telford

Preparing for a successful installation period

Due to our team having familiarity with this project after five years of installing successful displays on-site. As a result, they were prepared to adapt to any challenges that may be presented during the installation.

This allowed our team to plan ahead, ensuring a smooth and efficient process during installation. Furthermore, the complex schedule for this project required internal decorations to be set up during the day and external decorations to be installed at night. This was to allow for the precision required to put up internal displays.

Our warehouse team implemented a rigorous routine of visual inspections, cleaning and completing minor repairs as needed throughout the year. This was to ensure all the festive lighting features were ready and safe for installation.

Also, the installation and removal teams also play a crucial role in handling decorations with precision to avoid any damage. This display, like our others is handled carefully by our in-house installation teams.

Collaborating with our client to create a wonderful festive display

Collaboration with our client was equally important for this project’s success. The team liaised with the Building Manager, who facilitated the delivery of the necessary machinery for external feature installation. The project schedule was shared in order to get approval to begin work so we could align the installation with the switch-on date. Overall, this proactive communication allowed the Building Manager to inform all stakeholders about the impending work. Subsequently this ensured a smooth and well-coordinated execution.

Balcony and Christmas tree festive lighting installation at telford

Keeping displays sustainable year after year

As with all our festive lighting displays the decorations used in the installation were made of up to 50% recycled materials. This commitment to sustainability is a highlight of the display and aligns with the company’s values, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, our meticulous care and maintenance program not only ensures the longevity of the decorations for festive lighting at Telford but also prevents additional costs and unnecessary waste. By focusing on the durability of the decorations, businesses who partner with us can expect a commitment to both creating a stunning display and environmental consciousness.

No matter how big or small your display, we can help create a wonderful festive atmosphere at your business, high street or shopping centre. Planning a display for 2024? Contact our team and get your project underway! With our in-house installation experts and 24-hour repair and maintenance services, we can ensure a successful display that brightens up your Christmas.

The complete guide to festival marquee hire

Enhance your festival expierience

Marquees play an essential part in any festival providing music venues, food stalls and reception tents. With over 35 years experience in marquee hire for festivals we supply and install out of this world festival marquees. Our team of dedicated experts have worked with some of the largest and most well-known festivals in the country including Glastonbury, Parklife, Download and Womad festivals.

In this guide, we delve into the world of festival marquee hire, exploring the intricacies of planning, design, and execution that go into crafting unforgettable, safe and enjoyable festival experiences.

How can Marquees be used as essential festival infrastructure?

Due to the versatility of our event marquees, they offer a complete solution for festivals of any kind. Whether it’s a music festival, agricultural show, food festival or cultural festival your guests will have basic needs that require essential facilities such as shelter, food and drink stalls, ticket checkpoints, security and toilets.

Here are a few ways that marquee hire for festivals can be used to enhance your guest’s festival experience:

With all of this to consider, when you’re planning a festival it’s important to get help from the experts. With Field & Lawn’s holistic approach to marquee hire for festivals each stage of the festival process is taken care of.

Bespoke event design and planning

The first step when planning any festival is planning the layout of event marquees on site. Each festival has a unique atmosphere with its own theme and identity. Everything down to the marquee design, venue layout and overall event space must be designed with this in mind. Planning a functional and practical layout for your marquee structures is key to creating a successful event. Field & Lawn play a pivotal role in bespoke event design and planning, helping festivals achieve that distinctive look and feel that the festival organiser imagined.

Installation of custom event structures

When it comes to providing entertainment, you may require some more bespoke structures for your festival. Attractions like silent discos, blacked-out cinema tents and kids’ entertainment may require more specialised structures. At Field & Lawn, we take a consultative approach discussing your requirements and providing custom structures that align with the needs of your festival perfectly.

Event sustainability. Carbon-neutral marquee hire

Consider the location of the supplier. The closer the better for the budget and the pocket! With four regional branches, you are never far away from a Field and Lawn branch. The event industry is championing sustainability and constantly looking to minimise its impact on the environment. Field and Lawn is a certified carbon-neutral company, meaning your marquee hire will be carbon-free through our audited carbon offsetting process.  How good is that!

Responsive service

During the process of planning a festival, you can’t always predict what will happen during the event. That’s why it’s vital to have a team on hand to carry out essential repairs and maintenance throughout your festival should the worst happen. Understanding the dynamic nature of festivals, when you work with Field & lawn our in-house team is available 24 hours a day should a tent become damaged and need repairing. This ensures your festival remains a safe and seamless experience!

A quick and easy dismantle

Delivering a comprehensive festival experience extends beyond the event itself. Dismantling festival tent structures with efficiency and ease is crucial. A swift and hassle-free dismantling process allows you to wrap up the event seamlessly and efficiently. Field & Lawn’s expertise ensures that the dismantle and removal of structures is as smooth as the setup.

Our dedicated team proficiently manage the de-rig with a timely and organised approach which minimises disruption to the festival surroundings.

Festival marquee hire is not just about providing shelter; it’s about creating a canvas for unforgettable experiences. At Field & Lawn, we bring expertise, innovation, and dedication to every project, ensuring that your event stands out to all festival-goers. If you’re looking for an event marquee provider, why not contact our team to discuss your options?

Bar marquee hire for festivals

Our five expert festival marquee hire tips

Chris Kitchin, one of Field & Lawn’s Project Managers shares his top 5 tips to help you find and hire the very best marquee for your festival. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing Marquee hire for festivals on a large scale. Find out what he had to say below:

1. Plan early

Our marquee hire stock gets booked out quickly because of our premium service, quality stock, and competitive pricing. Furthermore, our clients are keen to secure our services on multi-year deals. Planning early will give you access to a wider stock range, and more options meaning we are more likely to meet your needs.

2. Site Visits

Get these pencilled in at the earliest stage, ideally, when the festival is ready for the public the year before. This helps to identify any obstacles that will always be more cost-effective to tackle earlier rather than later. Our experts will be able to plan logistics to ensure a smoother service delivery. We look at site access and potential marquee plots during these visits and how we can improve efficiency and quality.

3. Discuss the spec

Liaise with your marquee hire provider and allow them to support you with suggested specs based on your requirements and space. Our extensive knowledge could help you save money by offering more cost-effective solutions or a more premium finish.

4. Consider load in and out dates

The more time the better. As we saw over summer in 2023, the weather is unpredictable and more build time, allows us to overcome adverse weather, protect the ground prior to opening, and ensure the structures are built in time ready for your festival opening. If you can plan to avoid building on the weekend, it will be more cost-effective.

5. Contact Field and Lawn

Sit back and relax. Our unrivalled experience combined with our flexible hire stock means we can provide a world-class festival marquee hire service.  You may be happy with your current provider, but why just settle for happy?

Chris Kitchin from Field and Lawn

Marquee hire for festivals: the gallery...

Top 5 uses for marquees at sporting events

Transform your sporting event into a crowd pleaser

When it comes to sports events, the benefit of marquees extends far beyond providing shelter from unpredictable weather conditions! As a leading provider of event marquees in the sporting events sector, we understand your needs. Offering a wide range of innovative event solutions and temporary structures that go beyond conventional expectations.

Successful collaboration with prestigious venues

Field & Lawn has a strong track record of supplying high-standard event tents to some of the UK’s most renowned sporting venues. Our structures have been installed at iconic stadiums across the UK, including Twickenham, Murrayfield, Stamford Bridge, and the O2 Arena. We take pride in being the trusted choice for marquee hire at these world-famous sporting locations. Providing adaptable solutions that enhance the overall experience for athletes, spectators, and event organisers alike. Explore the gallery:

Solutions to meet your sporting needs

Our marquee solutions have supported many large-scale events including the Calcutta Cup, London Marathon and the World Games. If you’re planning your next sporting event you may be wondering how an event marquee could enhance your sporting infrastructure? With our bespoke solutions built to meet specific event requirements, there are numerous different ways to use an event marquee structure to enhance your sports venue or event.

1. Marquees for ticket sales:

Marquees provide a great setting for efficient ticket sales, offering a designated space that is not only practical but can also enhance the overall visitor experience. With customisable layouts, our marquees create a seamless ticketing process, helping to keep an organised process from the minute your visitors enter the event.

2. Ensuring safety with security checks and crowd management:

Security checks and crowd management are paramount for safety at any sporting event. Our marquees can play a crucial role in maintaining order. Strategically placed marquees serve as efficient checkpoints, facilitating smooth security procedures and bag checks. Marquees with sidewalls can be used to help set boundaries allowing an organised crowd flow. The versatility of our structures allows for easy adaptation to different event layouts, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

Sport event marquees

3. Bar marquees, food stalls, and catering spaces:

From trendy bars to enticing food stalls, our structures provide the perfect canvas for creating inviting spaces for fans and back of house infrastructure. With plenty of room for customisation, these marquees not only meet the logistical needs of catering but also contribute to the overall experience at your event. We also provide high quality catering flooring and power generation.

4. corporate events and hospitality:

Our marquees have been used for sporting events such as the FIFA women’s annual dinner to transform any location into a unique and high-class hospitality space. With fully customisable interior options including a huge range of carpets, vinyl flooring, interior tent linings and fit-out options, you can create a captivating atmosphere and unique dining experience. We can even supply furniture and equipment rental along with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning providing a holistic solution for sporting hospitality that offers a blend of elegance and practicality. Whether it’s a gala dinner or an awards ceremony, our marquees provide space to bring your vision to life.

Corporate event marquee for hospitality use

5. Dedicated press structures:

For media professionals covering your sporting event, our marquees offer a dedicated space designed for press activities. Create a comfortable and functional environment for interviews, press conferences, and media coverage. Our press structures are tailored to meet the unique needs of media teams, ensuring that your sporting event gets the coverage it deserves.

Marquees for sports events: Hire from the experts

Whether you’re envisioning seamless ticket sales, prioritising safety, or simply looking for inviting spaces to house bars and food stalls – we’ve got you covered. Field & lawn’s commitment to providing tailor-made marquees for sports events ensures that your sport event will be a success.

As you plan your next sporting event, contact our team for a personalised consultation and to discuss how our marquees can help transform your sporting event into an unforgettable and seamlessly executed experience.

Ready to discuss your event? Contact our marquee hire experts today

Field & Lawn: your trusted partner for temporary election infrastructure

High-quality election marquees From Field & lawn

With the Government planning to hold an election in the second half of this year, local councils need to carefully plan and execute the logistics of polling stations, counting centres, and various other election-related facilities. As leading suppliers of marquee hire services across the UK we can help. At Field & Lawn we ensure that all our election infrastructure is delivered and installed to the highest standard.

Commitment to high-quality election infrastructure:

Field & Lawn has been working closely with local authorities and public sector organisations for over 35 years. We can offer top-tier marquee hire solutions for both short and long-term needs. With the upcoming general election, our services extend to cover all aspects of election infrastructure requirements.

Election Marquees tailored to your needs:

Our extensive range of election marquees caters to diverse needs during election day. Whether it’s temporary a polling station for voting, counting stations for checking each ballot, welfare marquees, or associated press and publicity structures, Field & Lawn has you covered.

Some customisation options available for our marquees are:

Full heating and cooling solutions: Ensure the comfort of each poll worker and all voters for turnout in any weather conditions.

Solid sides, doors, and flooring: Tailor-made structures with flexible choices for sides, doors, and flooring to accommodate your specific requirements.

Fully accessible features: Cater to the needs of voters and election staff by providing fully accessible facilities including bespoke ramp access and railings.

Installation on hard and soft surfaces: Our marquees can be set up on various terrains, providing flexibility in location selection for maximum turnout and voter participation.

additional school space at Basingstoke primary school

Why choose a Field & Lawn marquee?

Rapid installation: Our experienced team ensures swift marquee setup and removal to meet tight timelines.

Cost-effective: Field & Lawn offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our transparent pricing ensures you get value for your budget.

Sustainable practices: As a carbon-neutral company, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our marquee solutions follow a three-year PVC renewal schedule, meaning the highest quality marquee kit and responsible environmental practices.

Over 35 years of experience: Benefit from our extensive experience in providing marquee solutions for various events. Our seasoned team understands the unique demands of election infrastructure.

Whether you need a temporary polling station for voting or a new information centre, choosing a Field & Lawn marquee ensures a quick and easy installation, as well as a cost-effective solution.

With a wealth of experience in providing marquee solutions for various events, our seasoned team is well-equipped to meet the unique demands of election infrastructure, ensuring that your election facilities are delivered and installed to the highest standard. Trust Field & Lawn as your reliable partner for a seamless and efficient election process. Contact our team today to discuss your marquee requirements.

An Enchanting Transformation at Barons Quay in Northwich

Our team returned to Barons Quay this year to install another breathtaking festive Lighting display

In its second consecutive year of collaboration with Field & Lawn, the Christmas display underwent an enchanting transformation in order to bring the shopping centre something different for 2023. The goal was to create a captivating and unique experience for visitors, building on the success of the previous year’s display. This year’s features embraced a Magical Fairytale theme, offering a fresh and immersive experience for shoppers.

Festive lighting display at Barons Quay

Key features of the 2023 display

The centrepiece of the 2023 festive lighting display was a stunning Castle walkthrough, strategically positioned in the main display area. This innovative addition replaced the previous year’s giant Igloo walkthrough, providing a fresh and distinctive focal point for visitors. Additionally, the Field & Lawn team installed a 3D illuminated snowman that stood 3 metres tall. The impressive feature welcomed shoppers to the centre, becoming a prominent attraction for visitors to enjoy.

Shoppers looking for an immersive experience had access to a range of selfie worthy spots! This included walkthrough snowflake arches that created a pathway through the winter wonderland enhancing the visual appeal of the space. The addition of an ice throne within the display area also become a popular spot for the coveted Christmas selfie!

Inside, the Fairytale theme continued with a large 3D parcel arch complete with baubles. Complemented by an internal Christmas tree, attracting footfall to the shopping centre this festive season.

Polar bear festive lighting

Visitor Engagement and Social Media Buzz

The carefully curated features of the Magical Fairytale theme provided visitors with numerous opportunities to engage with the display. The strategically placed selfie spots, including the Ice Throne and illuminated snowman, encouraged visitors to capture and share their experiences on social media. The resulting buzz generated increased footfall, creating a positive impact and generating business for the shopping centre.

The second year of collaboration between Barons Quay and Field & Lawn exceeded expectations, delivering an enchanting and visually captivating Christmas display.

Robi Gaine, Centre Manager at Barons Quay commented:

“The light installations from Field and Lawn illuminated Barons Quay over Christmas, bringing festive magic to Northwich by creating an unforgettable immersive experience for families and residents.”

Festive lighting selfie spot

The Fairytale theme, with its Castle walkthrough and other distinctive features, not only brought joy to visitors but also established Barons Quay as a must-visit destination during the festive season. Our commitment to delivering unique and innovative displays continues to enhance the holiday experience for all who visit Barons Quay.

Elevate Your Corporate Event: Marquee Hire from Field and Lawn

Make your corporate event or hospitality space stand out

When it comes to corporate events every detail matters and first impressions are paramount. The choice of venue can make or break the experience. At Field and Lawn, we have a strong background in supplying bespoke event marquees as well as expertise in supplying high-quality structures for hospitality and corporate events.

If you’re planning a corporate event or require a unique hospitality event space this article will help you arrange the perfect marquee and create a stunning space for your guests.

guests gather inside a corporate hospitality marquee

Flexibility and comfort for small and large event structures

When it comes to corporate event marquee hire, our range of aluminium clearspan marquees, are available from 2m to an impressive 30m, providing the flexibility to accommodate events of various sizes. Additionally, we can provide Pagodas, Conical Marquees and tents ranging from 3m to 6m, offering versatility for different event setups.

We can also deliver a range of flooring options such as interlocking plywood and cassette flooring. These choices not only ensure stability but also provide a solid foundation for a memorable event.

Creating a Luxurious Finish

We understand that the unique atmosphere of an event marquee plays a crucial role in creating a lasting impression. To this end, we offer a range of finishes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our marquees. The option to add ABS solid sides and glass panels to your corporate event marquee adds a touch of sophistication, allowing natural light to permeate the space and create an up-market experience for guests to enjoy.

Hospitality Corporate Events

Comprehensive Overlay Services

At Field & Lawn, we go beyond the basics of just providing and installing your marquee. Recognising the multifaceted needs of a corporate function, we are able to offer a holistic approach to our marquee hire service. From power and HVAC to lighting, sound, furniture, and interior dressing, every aspect of event management is considered. This means you can breathe easy, knowing that our expert project managers and in-house installation teams will seamlessly provide a one-stop solution for all your corporate event needs.

Attention to Detail and Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence is clear in our meticulous attention to detail. All equipment, including our marquees, undergo thorough cleaning and quality checks before leaving the depot. This dedication to quality ensures that clients receive not only a visually stunning marquee but also one that meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

The importance of sustainability in today’s world cannot be understated, especially within the events industry. All PVC that is used for our marquees follows a three-year renewal schedule. This commitment to sustainable practices ensures that clients can enjoy top-tier event solutions knowing that they are doing so in a responsible way.

a well lit event marquee

Proven Expertise in Event Solutions

With a long-standing history of providing marquee solutions for events, the Field & Lawn team brings a wealth of experience to the table. Our understanding of the industry positions us as an invaluable partner helping to make your corporate party seamless.

From the smallest details of flooring and lining to complete clearspan structures, we’ve got you covered. Contact them today and witness the transformation of your event space into a masterpiece of elegance and functionality.

Festive Lighting Installation at Lion Walk: Case Study

Making Christmas shopping trips merry and bright: festive lighting installation at Lion Walk Shopping Centre

Our festive lighting team have been hard at work on their latest installation at Lion Walk Shopping Centre in Colchester. A wide range of lighting pieces transformed the shopping space into a dazzling celebration of the holiday season. The project comprised a carefully curated display of lighting elements, including:

  • 19 cone trees
  • 500 meters of cluster lights
  • 9 Cross street motifs
  • 200 meters of trunk wrapping
  • 1 12m x 2m light curtain
  • 27 hanging star decorations

In this case study, we talk about how our team successfully delivered the display whilst navigating the challenges of installing lighting products in a shopping centre.

The role of collaboration in project success

Collaboration was a cornerstone of the project’s success. The team maintained constant communication with the Centre Manager, fostering a strong partnership that ensured the provision of essential on-site facilities and logistical support. Daily updates to the client played a pivotal role in addressing minor issues promptly and adjusting the installation schedule to accommodate concurrent on-site activities.

Street Festive Lighting installation
Photos supplied by Actual Radio

Keeping our displays sustainable

Beyond its visual appeal, the installation incorporated sustainability considerations and unique factors that contributed to a positive environmental and community impact. Choosing overnight stays in Colchester not only reduced travel emissions but also allowed for more efficient working hours, speeding up the installation process for our client.

The decision to purchase consumables locally not only minimised the carbon footprint but also enabled us to invest in the local Colchester economy through hotel stays, consumable items, and meals. Moreover, the displays are made up of up to 50% recycled material!

Our careful planning looks at all aspects of the delivery to ensure we reduce our footprint as much as possible while supporting the local economy. This demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning the project with Field & Lawn’s broader sustainability goals.

Tackling individual challenges at each installation

Despite the team’s familiarity with the site from three previous installations, the project didn’t come without its challenges. Installing any display in a shopping centre requires specific attention to detail. With visitors being able to interact much more closely with the festive lighting than any normal display, every fitting must be perfect to ensure that the displays look as impressive as possible.

Pre-installation site visits proved invaluable in identifying necessary fittings that would be required. This enabled the team to remove the standard 13 amp plugs in each piece and pre-fit the required 16 amp plugs at the depot. This streamlined the on-site installation process. Having a proactive approach not only saved a considerable amount of time but also ensured a smoother execution, underscoring the importance of comprehensive planning.

Trunk wrapping from field and lawn at lion walk festive installation
Photos supplied by Actual Radio

Planning and collaboration for future festive displays

The success of this intricate display is a testament to meticulous planning and collaboration from both our project managers and installation teams. Their comprehensive approach resulted
in a captivating installation for the visitors of Lion Walk Shopping Centre.

Martin Leatherdale Managing Director of Lion Walk Shopping Centre commented:

Field and Lawn exceeded our expectations with their customer service and professionalism during the installation. The meticulous attention to detail from both project managers and the installation team brought our festive lighting display at Lion Walk Shopping Centre to life. I am impressed with the quality of the lighting and can confidently say that we would choose Field and Lawn for any future projects.”

Photos supplied by Actual Radio

Field and Lawn are one of the UK’s largest and leading independent providers of festive lighting. We offer a full range of services from surveys to design, supply and installation for a range of events across the UK. If you’re thinking about your next shopping centre festive lighting display, why not get in touch with our team today for some inspiration?

Additional school space in Basingstoke

A bespoke marquee solution for additional school space

Our team of project managers have worked with a local primary school in Basingstoke in order to provide additional temporary space. The school required the space due to a programme of construction work in response to the discovery of RAAC within the main school building. Consequently, the space needed to be high quality, heated and flexible for a range of school activities.

what is raac?

RAAC is a lightweight form of concrete commonly used in construction between the 1950s and mid-1990s. It is generally found as precast panels in roofs, commonly found in flat roofs, and occasionally in floors and walls. Furthermore, RAAC has a limited lifespan and needs to be inspected regularly.

Exterior of field and lawn marquee for additional school space

Our Solution

Field and Lawn have provided a 20m x 30m clearspan marquee on long-term hire. Moreover, the specification includes robust ABS Solid sides, a level cassette floor, with a durable Texway carpet. Large window walls, security doors and eight, energy-efficient bay lights were installed in order to create a light and bright learning environment. The marquee was installed on grass, adjacent to the school playground.

Safe, warm and comfortable: Flow Power Solutions.

Because the marquee will be in use over the cooler winter months, it was essential that the marquee provided a warm and safe environment for primary school-aged children. As a result, HVAC was provided by Flow Power Solutions. The power solution included six fan coil units, a 30kva Generator with a 30kva standby generator, distribution, fuel tanks and power supply.

The results

Overall, the marquee was designed and installed within just weeks from initial contact. This included the mechanical and electrical design for heating. We also created robust risk and method statements for installation. Close collaboration with the school and their building contractor meant that installing the structure was a smooth process.

Things to consider when specifying your new temporary building

The importance of an expert site visit

Specifying and installing a new temporary building is a quick and efficient way to increase space. It also eliminates the complexities of undertaking a traditional construction project. Starting on a temporary building project, especially if it is your first temporary building, involves a fair amount of planning. There are so many options and avenues available that it can be confusing, especially when you want to ensure you are selecting the best temporary building option for you and your business.

You may have several questions that need answering before you start. For example, how does a ‘temporary’ structure compare to a traditional building? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why a site visit and consultation should be a significant part of your process when specifying your new temporary building. It will cover how Field and Lawn Temporary Buildings can help you during your early market research.


Who will attend the on-site consultation?

Your local branch has a pool of experienced Project Managers. All our in-house Project Managers are trained and experienced in managing temporary structure installation. They bring a problem-solving and consultative approach and will answer any questions you have from building regulation compliance to timescales and lead times. They can even support you with a planning application if it is needed. Depending on the location, time and complexity, one of our in-house site foreman or National Sales Manager may also attend the consultation.

What happens during the consultation?

Get to know you. Firstly, we take care to understand your business, your products and services, your people and location. We look into how you intend to use the new building in order to gain as much information about your requirements as possible. We also cover why you need additional space to help you when specifying your new temporary building.

Get to know us. We are experts in our field, but we understand that you need to have confidence in our ability to deliver and the quality of our product. We will bring material samples, case studies and information about us so you can have confidence in our ability to exceed your expectations.

Site survey. We will review the current ground conditions at an early stage to discuss anchoring options and advise on potential costs such as a new base, pull tests and ground investigation reports. We can make recommendations on surveys that may be required such as utilities and topographics.

Options appraisal. We will discuss and summarise your options for us to prepare a Q&A.

Your opportunity to give us a grilling! Find out what you need to know directly from the experts.

Why is the consultation so important?

We can save you money and provide expert advice with an initial consultation. By investing an hour or two in a consultation, we will be able to provide a much clearer picture of the following aspects:

Design Development:

To offer the best solution and ensure that the building will perform for many years. Defining the purpose and design of your temporary building is paramount. Whether it’s for a temporary workspace, additional storage, or other specific needs, careful consideration of the floor area, load capacity, and welfare facilities is essential. This ensures the structure is futureproof and tailored to your unique requirements and long-term plans.

Site considerations:

Site surveys play a pivotal role in assessing available space. They can also determine the optimal location for your temporary structure, and address access considerations. Factors such as proximity to existing buildings, conservation areas, and world heritage sites must be evaluated during the planning stages. Our experts can help you with these important considerations.

temporary industrial warehouse

Planning permission and building regulations:

Navigating planning permission and building regulations is a critical aspect of the temporary building procurement process. Expert guidance is essential in understanding the local planning authority’s requirements and ensuring compliance with building regulations. This includes considerations for permitted development and licensable activities.

Costing and quoting accuracy:

Balancing the cost and time implications of your temporary building project is key to its success. A site consultation enables our experts to provide accurate costings, taking into account construction project timelines, temporary work requirements and potential working day constraints. This will minimise disruption and downtime to protect your business operations.

Aftercare and maintenance:

Ensuring the longevity of your temporary structure requires careful consideration of aftercare and maintenance. Our experts and structural engineers can give you guidance on load-bearing capacity and detailed design drawings, providing you with CGI sketches of your new building.

To summarise, a consultation will help us deliver a robust and highly accurate proposal, including a design concept that integrates into your existing premises.

How can I benefit from expert insight?

As part of our client-focused approach, we offer a free, early-stage on-site consultation with one of your local temporary building experts. To benefit from this expert insight, contact us and select ‘yes’ to the free consultation. Generally, the consultation takes an hour. When our team visit your site, the same team will be responsible for delivering your project, giving you complete peace of mind that we fully understand your requirements.

We have a pool of knowledge and experience providing the best temporary building solutions to many industries. Our approach is consultative and solution-orientated. We won’t push you down the wrong path for your new structure. You might think there isn’t enough time in the working day for a site survey. However, we are confident that our experts can help save you time and money. With their insight and expertise, they may provide options that you haven’t even considered.