Snowflakes and Storm Arwen

Coalville’s Memorial Clock Tower, is one of the town’s most well-known landmarks. Built in 1925, The Grade II listed building in recent years has undergone a restoration project to protect it for future generations to know and love. The work included replacing the entire roof, refurbishment of the clock faces and dials and repairs to the entrance steps and structural base of the tower.

This year, the council were keen to upgrade their existing decorations, collaborating with our suppliers we helped design a new bespoke decoration for the clock tower on behalf of the council.

The new decorations had to create more visual impact than the existing, but with it’s listed status no new fixing points could be installed on to the clock tower. The new decorations had to match the anchor points of the old decorations and so could not be any larger, the client also wanted to include colour in the design and snowflake motifs.

In the final design, the full length and width curtain maximised the available space and created even more impact with programmable RGB colour change string light and twinkling snowflakes.

A range of new pole mount decorations were also selected. They all featured snowflakes to maintain a consistent theme across all decorations; and those installed around the clock tower also included multicoloured string light to further enhance the Memorial square.

The official switch-on fell on the weekend of Storm Arwen which meant many of the festive activities planned for the event had to be cancelled. We’re just hoping that the sparkle and twinkle of the new colourful decorations made up for the disappointment of the event not going quite to plan. We certainly think they looked lovely against the backdrop of snow covered trees and the starry night.

Things that go bump in the night

The nights are drawing in, mince pies are on shop shelves and we’ve already started installing some of the country’s biggest and brightest festive lighting displays, but remember lights aren’t just for Christmas!

After last year’s hiatus, Sunderland’s Festival of Light returned to Roker Park this Autumn and we were excited to design and supply a large range of displays to complement their existing collection of sparkling features.

The historic Roker park, which has not held the event since 2018 was split up in to different areas, each with a specific theme. As well as woodland and pirate attractions the park also includes a winter wonderland for those who can’t help getting in to the festive spirit a little bit early.

For something a little different, and more seasonally appropriate, visitors can meet Casper, watch Witches fly across the sky and dance with the skeletons in the spooky forest.

If ghosts and ghouls aren’t your thing head over to the Underwater World where visitors can see a Whale creating water ripples and a giant Jellyfish swimming with the fishes and lobsters.

The festival of light, a staple event in the city’s events calendar also runs alongside the Sunderland Illuminations which light up the seafront in Roker and Seaburn, the displays fill the city’s night sky with mesmerising and enchanting colourful lights for everyone, young and old to enjoy.

The event still has another couple of weeks to run, unfortunately all the tickets are sold out but there’s always next year. We’re already looking forward to 2022 and can’t wait to start working on a new scheme.

Back on Track – Brighton Marathon 2021

After cancelling in 2020, because of Covid, the organisers of the Brighton Marathon were keen to get up and running as soon as possible in 2021. Once lockdown was over the event, which is usually run in April, was re-scheduled for September.

We love a challenge at Field & Lawn and the fact that this already massive job now fell within our festival season, and in the middle of our Festive Lighting planning, did not deter us. We thrive on logistical challenges and we were happy to step up and deliver this event for the 7th time.

This particular job has 45 marquees (totalling 4,500m²) spread over 3 different areas of the city. Careful logistical planning is required. Restricted access to the main event area on the beach means all delivery vehicles must be off site by 9.30am. We needed 5 artic lorries just for the ballast required to secure marquees on the sand – 135 tonnes of concrete!

Record temperatures for September also didn’t help our crews on site. Thankfully a dip in the sea at the end of the day helped everyone to cool off.

Feeling Fresh

Students are looking to return to Universities in full capacity for the first time since March 2020 for the new semester in the coming weeks.

We have been working with different institutions across Scotland to provide COVID-secure spaces where students can interact safely whilst reducing the risk of transmission.

Across the University of St Andrews campus, we have provided 645 sq. metres of temporary structures which include bar areas, meeting rooms, social venues and first aid areas. The new fresher’s venue at North Haugh will be showing live music and will include some big-name acts! The site will also have DJ’s, food vendors, gin tasting and much more. At the Spanish Gardens, our structure will provide a safe space for up to 35 people which will be used for meetings or social events.

It’s certainly not back to normal in the education sector but it’s great to get back to some feeling of normality!

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

It may be nearing the end of August but here at Field & Lawn we are heeding the words of the great Barry Manilow: ‘Christmas is just around the corner’.

Every scheme is being thoroughly tested, serviced and (if needed) repaired prior to its installation. Over the next two months, before we begin to hang the decorations, all the eyebolts and fixing plates that we attach them to, around numerous towns and cities, will have be checked and pull-tested.

New lighting schemes for 2021 have already begun arriving as we receive tonnes of new products and often fully bespoke lighting features. Christmas always comes early for our warehouse teams who are first to open our new presents to start checking and organising them.

Our winter schedule spreadsheet is already fully populated, and our 20 teams allocated their work. Everything is planned to run like clockwork to be as efficient as possible. All our lights are supplied with the latest LED technology giving the brightest, most energy-efficient lighting solutions available in the country.

If you do have any festive lighting requirements, please feel free to give one of our offices a call, it’s never too early to talk about Christmas.

Flags of the Future

So far this year, we have installed 250 flags across London and the South. These cross-street displays are designed to bring colour, vibrancy and a message to the High Street. But now they have the chance to do so much more.

The Oxford Street flags are the first to be produced using 100% recycled yarns taken from ocean waste. This is a new offering for our clients which provides significant environmental benefits:

  • Each tonne of ocean waste which gets recycled reduces CO2 emission by 3/4 and saves 3.8 barrels of oil.
  • We use 100% clean natural gas for manufacturing energy, which helps reduce the emission of SO2 to almost zero.  
  • The heat-energy recycling system on the boilers improves working efficiency by 5% to 8% and the low Nitrogen Combustion technique reduces Nitrogen emission by almost 60%.

We are also able to provide flags with a Re-active Air Coating which is a clean technology to improve air quality around your displays. The Re-active Air Coating is a ‘pollution eating’ coating that can be used in a wide range of print applications. Once coated and open to the elements the catalytic process of Dioxide conversion to Oxide takes place.

Results from the University of Sheffield show that 1m² of coating can take out approximately 2g of NOx per day, so a set of flags or banners (c.50m²) can remove the pollution from a bus or about 20 cars every single day. As an added benefit, the coating also performs as an anti-organic film, not allowing any dirt or soot to build up, providing you with cleaner print materials for longer.

Find out more by getting in touch with one of our Project Managers today.

Edinburgh International Festival

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working with Edinburgh International Festival to bring back live performances to Edinburgh and the world.

The team have worked on three sites across the capital: Edinburgh Academy School; Old College Quad; and Edinburgh Park. Each site will show a variety of music, from classical to heavy rock, at Edinburgh Park! Shows will be running from the 7th – 29th of August so make sure you get involved.

Our clearspan structures at Edinburgh Academy and Old College have provided a back of house space for staff and artists. Cabins have also been incorporated into the structures to provide working spaces for the crews throughout the festival.

Whilst we built a number of marquees across the site, we also provided over 2,850 sq. metres of raised and levelled flooring to the inside of the main temporary music venue; the giant igloo structure. It’s been a long time since we’ve felt the buzz of big music events so it has been super exciting to be back involved in events in Scotland! Here’s to the re-growth of live music!

Expand Your Business, With a Loading Bay

The Field and Lawn Scottish branch have installed another loading bay canopy for a logistics company this month.

This company won a major contract and needed to expand their warehouse with a loading bay canopy in order to protect incoming and outgoing goods. Having been referred by a previous client we were advised that the canopy was required urgently, and the timeline was extremely tight for them to meet the demands of their new contract.

Field and Lawn carried out the site visit, designed the structure to the client’s needs and within 9 weeks from that first contact the structure had been installed and handed over. The canopy is a 24m wide x 15m long with a 5.5m eave and is located beside the existing building with connecting doors. It allows all trucks to be loaded and unloaded in a dry and safe environment, ensuring the quality of the goods being moved.

Our bespoke loading bay canopies are proving to be a popular solution for increasing covered loading space and warehouse capacity for many businesses. Our canopies can be linked directly to existing loading bays, warehouse buildings or can be standalone.

Engineered to any specification, our structures are designed to meet the relevant BS6399 and Eurocodes for wind and snow loading. They offer a quick, cost-effective and flexible solution to create more efficient use of existing space.

Our canopies can be erected in a matter of weeks from the point of order and, with a range of permanent or temporary anchorage methods, can be installed on a variety of existing surfaces. Please get in touch if you wish to find more.

The Show Must Go On

The COVID pandemic has hit many industries hard but none more so than the arts and culture sector. 

We were therefore delighted when we were approached by our client to design a structure that would be large enough to accommodate a substantial set design, and also meet all the strict COVID regulations for theatre performances. 

Following several planning meetings, we decided on a 30m x 35m structure on a 4m high leg, fitted with black-out PVC roofs and bespoke clear gables, and fully open to all sides to allow for great ventilation.

The plans were ambitious and at time felt as though they would never come to fruition but with a 120 strong production team, the production of Verdi’s Falstaff has been a huge success. Audiences have been delighted by the performances and it has no doubt helped to revive live entertainment in Scotland. 

The show in Glasgow has now come to an end but there is another opportunity to see this fantastic production at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre during the Edinburgh International Festival from the 8th-14th August 2021. You can find out more about the show here.

Classic Car Show

Field & Lawn’s southern branch recently provided our Event Marquees service for The London Classic Car Show at the beautiful Syon Park in West London.

We provided a number of exhibitor marquees, including two large 25m spans and a range of smaller spans spread across the whole site for traders, hospitality and back of house requirements. The event featured a huge array of vehicles showcasing the incredible evolution of design that the motor car has undergone in the last 135 years.

Exhibiting were some of the world’s most respected designers and manufacturers who shared their thoughts on the journey of the motor car over the past century. The event focused on highlighting some of the key developments of car design from engines, body styles, racing cars and technology.

The London Classic Car Show is the must-attend event for any discerning classic car owner, collector or connoisseur, offering the opportunity to view and purchase from what is the widest collection in the UK. The London Classic Car Show has become synonymous with great spectacle and it gives amateur enthusiasts, and hardcore collectors alike, the chance to celebrate the fascinating history of classic cars.

The British and Irish Lions

It’s good to be back…

BT Murrayfield will host the first warm-up match of the British and Irish Lions against Japan on Saturday 26th June 2021, in the 1888 Cup.  The stadium, which has a capacity of 67,000, will be a bit less full with a socially-distanced crowd of only 16,500 fans.  Nevertheless, we are delighted to be back!

Field and Lawn have been long-standing partners of BT Murrayfield and we are very proud to partner with this prestigious venue. Having not worked within the stadium since early March 2020 when the 6 nations tournament ended abruptly; we were delighted to be invited by Elior to provide the stadium bar structures for this exciting test match. We have provided 675sqm of temporary structures, to allow the bar staff to work in a socially distanced, COVID-safe manner.

We will of course be watching on Saturday and cheering on the British and Irish Lions, hoping we get off to a good start!

Branding Brings Business

Field & Lawn’s placemaking division have recently completed a branding campaign featuring 17 local businesses. This has been rolled out across East Renfrewshire Council to encourage people to stay local.

The ‘Here’ brand aims to establish the area’s unique towns and people, encouraging a shared sense of pride amongst residents, following the effects of the pandemic. The campaign will promote East Renfrewshire as a desirable place for locals and visitors to live, work and explore.


Field & Lawn have successfully installed marketing material onto bin lorries, bus stops, billboards, park entrances and many lamp column banners. The patchwork design of the campaign visuals was chosen to showcase the diversity of the different towns, landmarks and activities that make up East Renfrewshire. The patchwork is inspired by the textile industry history of the area, with a modern twist.     

With expertise across a range of sectors, Field and Lawn is perfectly positioned to support and deliver your placemaking and city dressing projects. We understand the challenges that come with adapting to our evolving high streets and local towns. There is a growing need to create welcoming and engaging experiences that will encourage people to reconnect with their local community, during the national recovery.

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