A Year of Growth

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2020 will be an unforgettable year for businesses and, for many, not in a positive way. The shutters came down, businesses closed overnight, long-standing contracts cancelled and no confidence in the future. Nobody was left unaffected.

Like so many others, we were left questioning “what do we do?” Looking back, we can see now that we weren’t afraid to take on any challenge. We used this opportunity to look at our operations, adapt, and move forward. We got on the phones and spoke to our existing network on how we could help, and we spoke to new contacts who we knew we could help. We approached the situation openly, with a view to succeed and improve.

One year on, we have a business that is expanding, we have invested in infrastructure and our people, with staff training being a major focus. We push to be an employer of choice and most importantly we have helped support for our long-term clients, during difficult times, and introduced a new client base to our full range of services.

Everyone within Field & Lawn is proud of what we  managed to achieve in the most challenging of years. We now look to take forward the lessons learnt to keep improving our business and the quality of service that we offer.

We are currently looking to invite new talent to join us throughout the UK. Despite the ongoing uncertainty within the events industry, we have recently fulfilled Operations Management role and are currently on a recruitment drive. We are recruiting Foremen and Riggers nationwide, as well as a Project Manager in our Northern branch. Please get in touch to find out more on Careers in Field and Lawn.