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art in the heart of the city

Art of London and Art in Mayfair, in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts, have revealed a vibrant aerial display across the West End featuring over 60 flags. Unveiled today and soaring throughout the summer, the public art adorns the skies above Piccadilly and Bond Street, showcasing the talent and diverse artistry of RA Schools alumni and students.

Titled ‘Rainbow Flags’, the innovative artwork on Piccadilly supported by Art of London features a stunning array of vibrant colours, where the edges blur and fold into each other to symbolise the diversity of LGBTQ+ identities. Faramawy masterfully uses colour and soft contours to reinvent the traditional Pride flag and make it more inclusive, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Adham Faramawy, a distinguished graduate of the prestigious RA Schools, created the artwork from which these flags have been based, whilst a student at the RA Schools.

rainbow flags in london

‘Rainbow Flags’ by Adham Faramawy, Piccadilly.

Celebrating diversity

On 29 June, as tens of thousands of people parade down Piccadilly, the 25 flags in the sky invite members of the public to embrace unity and celebrate diversity. In partnership with Heart of London Business Alliance and supported by Westminster City Council, Art of London’s ‘Rainbow Flags’, soaring from 10 June until 1 September also hint at several headline public arts commissions and events with prestigious institutions across the West End.

Art in Mayfair

In parallel, the Art in Mayfair campaign features striking flag designs by Lizzie Munn, a current student at the RA Schools who will graduate in 2024. This commission, now an annual highlight of Art in Mayfair, is a significant recognition of emerging talent in the art world. Munn’s work entitled ‘The sun speaks’ on view from 10 June until 7 July takes the form of large-scale print-based installations, which are often shaped by their environment and will hang across Bond Street. Munn will be presenting works at the RA Schools Show 2024, which will be open from 14 June – 30 June 2024.

Art in Mayfair large cross street flags

‘The sun speaks’ by Lizzie Munn, Bond Street

comments and feedback

Adham Faramawy, Artist, said: “It is an honour to unveil ‘Rainbow Flags’ in the West End. I look forward to seeing the art soar above the streets this summer as a celebration of the reopening of the RA Schools and as a backdrop to Pride in London.”

Lizzie Munn, Artist, said: “I’m excited to be involved with this year’s Art in Mayfair and to create asprawling artwork with the sky as its backdrop. Populated by two visually high-pitched colours, I’ve employed both elements as active materials which are responsive to their site and conditions. The work will be constantly in flux, and always seen anew.”

Mark Williams, Director of Art of London, said: “Every year we look forward to bringing new and exciting public art to the streets of the West End for all to enjoy. We’re thrilled to kick start this in 2024 ahead of the iconic Pride in London with such bright and beautiful flags designed by Adham Faramawy, to reflect the diversity in the heart of the West End.”

Katie Thomas, Associate Director of Bond Street & Mayfair at New West End Company said: “With the backing of the Royal Academy of Arts, Art in Mayfair continues to flourish and grow, becoming a catalyst for inspiring brands throughout this unique destination to forge exceptional art collaborations, mini-exhibitions, showcases, and events. Our collaboration with the gifted young artist Lizzie Munn this year has been especially fulfilling, highlighting the significance of the RA Schools as they cultivate, nurture, and champion the next generation of artists in the Capital.” 

The RA schools, founded in 1769, is the longest established school of fine art in the UK and remains free and independent with places awarded to artists based on merit. The recent restoration and renewal project of the RA Schools has delivered fully accessible state-of-the-art facilities for the next generation of artists, while also carefully preserving the rich heritage of the buildings.

The artists pictured togther

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Culture seekers can also discover a raft of spectacular arts destinations to visit using Art of London’s handy online guides, filled with world-class art galleries, theatres, museums, institutions and pop-ups to explore in the West End.

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