10 festive lighting trends for Christmas lighting in 2024

Christmas lighting trends for 2024 including foil materials

Top tips from Field & Lawn's festive lighting experts

Christmas is always on our mind at Field and Lawn! Our team have been busy planning and designing some stunning Christmas lighting displays to ensure that this year’s Christmas looks nothing short of spectacular. If you are starting to think about your display, here are some key trends and ideas for decorating your town, high street, or shopping centre directly from our Project Managers.

Let’s dive into what’s trending this year and how we can help you transform your space for Christmas…

1. Value for Money

It’s no surprise that budgets are tighter this year and in 2024, the focus is on getting the most out of your investment whilst delivering design impact. One of the most popular christmas lighting trends for 2024 is selecting multi-seasonal pieces. These are a big hit, allowing decorations to be repurposed for different events like Easter and Valentine’s Day. This not only maximises your budget but also gives you other opportunities to roll out the magic throughout the year. Our interchangeable designs make it easy to switch themes seamlessly throughout the seasons.

christmas foil illuminated ground feature available for 2024 hire
Christmas lighting trends for shopping centres in 2024

2. Design Impact

We’re seeing a surge in the use of foils and non-illuminated elements that create stunning daytime design impact while being cost-effective in terms of reducing energy consumption. Reflective foils, shimmer disks, and garlands catch natural light beautifully, making spaces look festive and bright. This approach not only reduces energy costs but also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your displays. This strategy is particularly effective in large, well-lit spaces such as shopping centre atriums with plenty of natural light, ensuring your festive scheme catches the light.

Movement is also a key design theme in christmas lighting trends for 2024, this can be created by incorporating static rope and twinkle lights with swirling strobes to create movement and dynamism within festive features.

In addition, contemporary designs with bright inserts of coloured material have been popular this year. Non-illuminated pieces will still catch the light and create a fuller scheme without breaking the budget.

3. Interactive 3D Features

Other christmas lighting trends for 2024 we are seeing develop include interaction and engagement. Think beyond giant baubles and traditional walkthrough to motion-activated music, and interactive elements that invite engagement. Picture a town centre where lights dance to the sound of carols or a shopping centre where visitors can interact with light tunnels and musical light shows. These features create memorable experiences that draw people in.

4. Town Centre Trends

Projection mapping is hot this year due to the minimal maintenance and overall wow-factor it can create. It also delivers a highly sustainable solution. Imagine a 30-second animation projected onto a building facade, telling a unique story that captivates audiences. This technology allows us to create dynamic, ever-changing displays that are both impressive and cost-effective. They can be programmed to activate remotely and we can work with you on supplying world class creative content.

QR code treasure trails are making a comeback, adding a modern twist to traditional decorations.  This will encourage people to navigate around your location, for example across the city centre or to all corners of your shopping centre.

5. Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Sustainability remains at the forefront of our business as we are carbon natural, festive lighting trends are also moving towards sustainable solutions beyond just using re-cycled materials. Here’s how we are making a difference this year:

LED Lights: Energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lights are a top choice.

Solar-Powered Decorations: Harness the sun’s power to reduce electricity consumption.

Recycled Materials: opt for decorations made from recycled or upcycled materials to add an eco-friendly touch.

6. High Impact Displays

Having said that budgets are tighter, large-scale displays continue to wow crowds, in particular in high profile locations where social media engagement is important to attract more shoppers. Oversized ornaments, grand arches, and towering Christmas trees are central attractions that make a statement. Interactive elements like touch-sensitive installations and themed lighting, such as Winter Wonderland or Nordic Christmas, ensure a cohesive and immersive experience. 

It doesn’t always need to be new, costs can be saved by selecting pre-owned features that haven’t been seen locally before.

7. Canopy Lights and Tunnels

Look up and enjoy a sense of wonder. Creating a magical canopy of twinkling lights across the main street not only attracts shoppers but also enhances the festive atmosphere. Canopy lights and lighting tunnels will envelop shoppers and are integral components for creating immersive and visually stunning public spaces. Canopy lights, typically installed across main streets or open areas, involve a network of LED strings suspended at varying heights to form a luminous ceiling.

Lighting tunnels, constructed from robust, weather-resistant materials, feature arches embedded with thousands of LEDs. These tunnels are designed with interactive elements, such as motion sensors that trigger light sequences and sound effects as visitors pass through. The LED technology used in these installations is energy-efficient, reducing operational costs while delivering high-intensity illumination.

Light tunnel at Sunderland Festival of Light

8. Town Decorations

Create a central focal point, A large, beautifully decorated central Christmas tree can serve as the focal point of your festive display. Contemporary lamp post columns that can again be used across seasons are on trend.  For example, crescents and moons can provide a festive feel and can be re-used later in the year for Ramadan celebrations.

trending teddy bear feature foil design for 2024
trending post box illuminated ground feature for 2024

9. Shopping Centre Decor

Arches are on trend and will set a festive tone right from the start. Suspend large ornaments, stars, and lights from the ceiling to create a magical atmosphere throughout the shopping centre. Interactive zones where visitors can take photos, meet Santa, and interact with displays enhance their shopping experience and make your centre a must-visit destination.

10. Community Cohesion

Feedback is a key part of our process and we like to talk to local stakeholders to truly understand what will benefit them. Involving local schools and charities in creating handmade decorations fosters community spirit and adds a personal touch. Encourage local businesses to join in by decorating their shop windows and facades, following the same theme and design language. 

How can we help you this Christmas?

Planning Your Festive Scheme: Early planning is crucial. Start now to ensure everything is ready for the holiday season. Determine your budget and allocate funds for lighting, installation, and maintenance. Hiring professionals ensures safety and quality, and gathering feedback from the community helps you improve and innovate your festive displays.

Ready to Hire Range: We offer a ready-to-hire range that includes nearly new lamp post columns, ground features and more. Our stock is versatile and designed to meet various needs, ensuring your festive display is unique and eye-catching whilst offering a sustainable, value for money solution

Let’s Make This Christmas Extraordinary!

We’re here to help you bring these trends to life. Our team of creative experts focuses on the details, ensuring every aspect of your festive lighting is perfect and highly sustainable. Get inspired and download our brochure today: