Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, all of which have in common the deprivation of a person’s liberty by another to exploit them for personal or commercial gain. 

This policy is necessary to the unfortunate fact that Modern Slavery is a vast, worldwide problem. The UK is estimated to have tens of thousands of individuals working in slavery or being exploited each year. 

The consequences of Modern Slavery are often serious mental and physical health issues. For this reason, Field and Lawn are morally and ethically committed to helping those affected by Modern Slavery and realise that combatting such practices is a whole business approach. 

Public Health England describes Modern Slavery as follows.

‘Modern slavery is defined as the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men using force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for exploitation. It is a crime under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and includes holding a person in a position of slavery, servitude forced or compulsory labour, or facilitating their travel to exploit them soon after.’



Responsible Recruitment 

Field and Lawn have a robust recruitment procedure where all potential employees are screened to ensure that: 

• They are eligible to work in the UK. 

• They are of legal age to work, work no more than the maximum hours for their age and take appropriate breaks. 

• Have the correct documents to prove their right to reside and work in the UK. 

All employees are also: 

• Paid a fair wage which meets or exceeds the UK legal requirements. 

• Paid directly (not paid to another individual on the employees’ behalf). 

• Given a Contract of Employment. 

• Provided with working conditions which are safe, comfortable, fair, and legal. 

• Are mentored and supported in the workplace. 

• Trained in Modern Slavery and the signs to look out for when recruiting/procuring service contracts. 

• Trained in reporting Modern Slavery. 

Field and Lawn are committed to responsible recruitment and employment and will only work with reputable employment agencies, educational establishments and suppliers of staff that have a robust Modern Slavery Policy and comply with UK Law. 


Responsible Supply Chain 

Field and Lawn have a responsibility to ensure no slavery has been used in the production of the goods we sell. This applies to goods by us, our suppliers, and suppliers of their suppliers, all the way down the supply chain. 

Unfortunately, Modern Slavery is more prominent in some countries, within certain groups and in certain supply chains. Field and Lawn, therefore, understand that reviewing the Global Slavery Index and the Modern Slavery Registry regularly is part of our commitment to combatting such practices. 

In addition, Field and Lawn will not work with suppliers who have been convicted of or are being investigated for: 

• Corruption 

• Fraud 

• Terrorism 

• Child Labour 

• Forced Labour 

• Human Rights Violations 

• Environmental Violations 

Field and Lawn may request copies of supplier policies on Modern Slavery, Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Environmental Management or Supply Chain. 

Field and Lawn will cease to work with companies that fail to meet our standards. 

Contractors, Sub Contractors, and Partner Organisations 

Field and Lawn are committed to only working with companies that have sound and legal employment procedures. 

Any contractors or sub-contractors working on behalf of Field and Lawn will be required to provide evidence of legal compliance and supporting policies and procedures. 

Any Field and Lawn employee who has suspicions of modern slavery practices in any contractor, sub-contractor or partner organisation should report them to a manager or Company Director. 


Employee Responsibilities 

As an employee or self-employed contractor of Field and Lawn, you must ensure that you read, understand, and comply with the information contained within this policy, and with any training or other modern slavery information you are given. 

All employees and those under our control (including board members) are equally responsible for the prevention, detection, and reporting of modern slavery. 

If you have reason to believe or suspect that an instance of modern slavery has occurred or will occur in the future, you must notify your manager or a Company Director. 

If any employee breaches this policy by, in any form allowing modern slavery to take place anywhere within the business, they will face disciplinary action and could face dismissal for gross misconduct. 

Spotting the Signs of Modern Slavery  

The charity Anti-Slavery has identified the following as possible signs of an individual being in slavery.  

Any individual or individuals who: 

• Appear to be under the control of someone else and reluctant to interact with others. 

• Do not have personal identification on them. 

• Have few personal belongings, wear the same clothes every day or wear unsuitable clothes for work. 

• May not be able to move around freely. 

• Are reluctant to talk to strangers or the authorities. 

• Appear frightened, withdrawn, or show signs of physical or psychological abuse. 

• Are dropped off and collected for work always in the same way, especially at unusual times, i.e., early, or late at night. 

Modern Slavery and Exploitation also includes: 

• Sexual abuse. 

• Harvesting of organs from individuals against their will. 

• Child labour. 

• Child marriage (if the marriage is forced and the child cannot reasonably leave the marriage). 

Raising a Concern 

Any employee who suspects Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking or Exploitation should: 

• NOT confront the individual, individuals, or company directly. 

• Inform a Field and Lawn senior Manager or Company Director. 

• Go to a quiet, secure place and use the information below to report your concerns. 

If you are in the UK and suspect someone might be in slavery, you have several options: 

• Call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 or fill out an online form. 

• Contact the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority to report concerns about the mistreatment of workers on 0800 432 0804, or by email  

• Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

• Contact the Police. 

• Contact Anti-Slavery International or other specialist anti-slavery organisations. 

It is the responsibility of managers and Company Directors to support individuals who raise concerns and take the appropriate action against the individual or company. 

Anti-Slavery Training 

Field and Lawn will provide training by requiring individuals to read this policy as part of the induction process for all new employees. Employees will also receive regular, relevant training on how to adhere to this policy, and will be asked annually to formally accept that they will comply with this policy. 

Monitoring and Reviewing 

Field and Lawn Company Directors are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of this policy and will review its implementation of it regularly. They will assess its suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. 

Any incidents where a report has been made regarding Modern Slavery by Field and Lawn or its employees will be reviewed, and action plans will be agreed to improve our policies and working practices. These may include but are not limited to: 

• Increased or revised staff training. 

• Increased staff support. 

• Terminations of contracts with partner companies or organisations. 

• Terminations of contracts with suppliers. 

• Reports to the authorities. 

• Disciplinary action against employees who do not follow this policy.


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