Loading Bay Canopies, Covers and Extensions

Protect Your People and Products from all the Elements

Loading bay canopies can support a wide variety of loading and unloading operations, including side access loading. Canopies and loading bay structures can be integrated into existing buildings with the option to quickly add modular extensions or re-locate.  With additional health and safety benefits, loading bay structures can provide a safe and segregated operations area.  This helps to protect passing traffic and pedestrians from risk.

Get Covered Quickly

    Benefits of loading bay canopies

    Freight forwarding, logistics and fulfilment is a fast-moving environment; every second counts to ensure efficient and safe transfer of goods.


    With a loading bay canopy, your team can work around the clock without weather related delays. Add lighting and CCTV systems for extra safety and security


    Loading bay canopies provide a safer working environment by protecting your team from direct sunlight, torrential rain and weather conditions. Handling dry cages reduces the risks of slips and trips


    Loading bay canopies can reduce the risk of losing valuable stock to weather damage. With seamless integration into existing buildings minimal groundworks, the benefits are practically instant

    Go above and beyond

    To truly stand out from the crowd, we can add corporate branding to new loading bay canopies.  In addition to branding we can add numbering and signage to drive further efficiencies.


    Battered by the elements? Get protected with a loading bay canopy

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